Monday Madness

Monday Madness

Top of the morning to ya!


DJ Kpop here giving the dirty details of the show! I was flying solo for the show and keeping it fresh as always.


We had some tunes and news in the show today. The KW happenings for today at Starlight tonight is Indie Lit featuring featuring Adrienne Barrett, Andrew Faulkner, Andrew Kaufman, Ailsa Kay, Amanda Leduc, Sara Peters and David Seymour Hosted by David Worsley and Mandy Brouse of Words Worth Books Book sales by Words Worth Books. Did I menition it’s FREE?! Doors at 7:30 PM, readings at 8 PM.


Maxwells tomorrow night is having open mic night at 9PM 19+ and $12 Mill Street Pitchers! Show case your talents or just chill out with a delicious picture!


Entertainment news I recapped the TV shows that have been renewed and cancelled. Seriously how is the multiple CSI’s still on the air? Who are these people still watching this show! Just clink on the link to see if your fave show made the cut.


Now onto How To of the show. Today I talked about how to survive in space. This is quite relevant since soon we will be living on MARS! So a few tips I found…. interesting are for your day to day needs make sure you anchor yourself to something solid so you don’t fly away, remember your tooth brush and soap. The last thing you want is to smell bad in space and make a bad impression of the human race to the aliens. Another important tip is remember to pack your space car! I know it’s something we all forget to think about when packing to space but you know, you don’t want to walk around in space. It can get tiring.


Summer problems top problem today I found on twitter was working or being in class during a gorgeous summer day. You are stuck inside while your friends are enjoying the sun by laying on the beach and relaxing.


That’s all for the Monday show of The Morning! Tune in Wednesday 11am for Lukis and I!




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