Eye of The Tiger

Eye of The Tiger

Hello there radio land listeners!! DJKpop here today for the blog!


Today on The Morning Show we started a bit later than usually at 11:30am but no worries next week we are back to normal times 11am. Back to business of today’s show shenanigans we had some KW happenings for saturday night!


At Maxwells May 11th t One Bad Son, and Lion Under Stars are playing 19+ 8:30pm 7$ at the door. Starlight on May 11th The English Beat but it’s sold out show so you could take your chances at getting in. After the show Global Warming DJs will be on 19+. The Jazz Room May 11th has the jazz guitarist Assaf Kehati Trio 8:30pm-11:30pm 18$.


Onto entertainment news Lukis and I had discussions   if any of this news is important or if we really care at all? Randy Jackson is leaving American Idol after 12 seasons. Lukis and I disscussed if anyone watches singing contest TV shows anymore? Also if Randy Jackson has been on the show for 12 seasons is it a big deal if he left anyway? Snoop Dog now self  proclaiming himself as Snoop Lion admits to Rolling Stone magazine about his pimp past and how he managed prostitues. Lukis said is this really a sursipe to anyone that Snoop Dog did this? I have to agree and say  no one cares. Moving along to more of news for our “nerd” audiences JJ Abrams has been getting some flak for admitting he wasn’t a fan of the Tv series Star Trek. Lukis put on his nerd cap and gave his two cents on the matter. He says maybe it is better for there not to be a fanboy for Star Trek because it would be directed to an exclusive audiences only. This way with not a fanboy director the films are more inclusive to audiences.


Next in the show we had Lukis provide some helpful How To… Survive  a Ship Wreck. I feel this is quite relevant to our listeners since a lot of people go on cruises.  Some tips included positive thinking. Make sure you believe you will survive and try not to panic. Try and lay back enjoy the sun and possible take a nap.  Important tip is to remember the 50-50 rule. A 50-year-old person has a 50-50 chance of surviving in 50 F degree water for 50 minutes. Lukis and I had trouble remembering this rule and pretty sure we would fail at survival.

Lukis and I then talked about summer problems. My summer problem was stuck in traffic on a hot summer day. Your car heats up, you get stuck to the seat and you cannot move at all. Lukis was having summer allergies problems like dry eyes, itchy throat, and runny nose. Lukis is suffering so much from these allergies he does wish is upon is worst enemies!


After which Lukis and chatted about more survival tips with animals for the last 1o minutes of the show. What would you do if there was a tiger on your life raft? According to Lukis to defend yourself against a tiger you shove your fist down it’s throat… We also talked about living with a pack of wolves and what animals kingdom would you want to be the Alpha in?


These are just breeze coverage of our shenanigans from today! Tune in Monday at 11am for our next show!


DJ Kpop

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