Hi-diddly Ho Neighborino!

Hi-diddly Ho Neighborino!

Hello listeners! Lunkis here.

Today marked the beginning of our summer installments of The Morning Show here on Radio Laurier, with new host DJ Kpop! As we are on the summer schedule, we’ve cut down the time from three hours to one… but don’t fret! We’ve still got the content to keep you locked to your (internet) radio!


Though the KW area may be a little slower now that the streets aren’t crawling with education craving ruffians, but there’s still a whole array of awesome musical events for you to satisfy your “local-and-awesome” cravings! Tonight Maxwell’s Music House hosts the bands Stained Glass Army, Local Bears, Ragged Suits, and the aptly named “Tom Owes Me Beer”. Feel free to check out the event details if you’re afraid you’ll be doomed to a night of bordem otherwise!


In terms of our How To for today, we focused on ten ways to most definitely botch a job interview. Feel free to check out the list right over yonder! Some of our favourite failures included “Leave a bit of yourself behind”, as one unfortunate employer recounts an interview where-in the applicant blew their nose and lined their disgusting used tissues up on the interviewer’s desk. Gnarly! Another great point, “Not dressing for the occasion” had an applicant colouring their ankles with black sharpie in a sad attempt to hide the fact that they weren’t wearing socks…


Kpop and I closed off the show with a little “Summer Problems”: issues that we’ve experienced first hand and lived to talk about. For me, one of my major issues was the fact that ALL OF MY FRIENDS AREN’T HERE. Being in Waterloo for the summer may seem awesome, but once you realize that everyone has gone to their hometown, it starts to get real lonely. Kpop was a little more optimistic with myself, though she’s got her fingers crossed that we don’t have any humid weather or painful sunburns / bites in the near future.

That’s about it for this installment of The Morning Show, though if you just can’t get enough, feel free to check us out on Facebook or Twitter!

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