Let the Change Begin...

Let the Change Begin...

In effort to say a bittersweet goodbye, I wanted to send you off this week with a bit of an uplifting message and some hope for the future! As the last show of the semester, and my last show of Radio Laurier, (forever…) I brought you some tips on how to deal with change and embrace new beginnings.

In my own experiences at Laurier, I’ve experienced copious amounts of change and I have never been a fan of it! However, something I learn every time I go through it is that change always leaves us in a better place in the end. While the process can be positive or negative, the end result will always create a new part of you, leading you closer to the person you’re meant to be.

Whether you’re graduating or not, this time of year always brings about elements of change and thoughts of uncertainty as we don’t know what the next year will bring. We become so entrenched in our university life – with studying, writing papers, doing assignments, and being with friends that we almost forget about the life that is outside the four corners of Laurier. When you’re faced with this change, it’s important to remember the opportunities that are waiting for you. If you want a little bit more on this specifically, check out the next issue of The Cord coming out on Wednesday and my article which will be in the Life section.

If you’re in the middle of your university career, I encourage you to find your place in the world – join a group and find where you belong, it will make your experiences so much better!

Here are a few tips from me on coping with change:

  • Take this time to embrace a new habit or change an old one. While drastic change in your life can leave you anxiety ridden, approach it from a different angle and discover the ways in which you can reinvent yourself. Moving somewhere new means no one knows who you are or you’re past. While it’s important to hold on to that as a piece of you, it will no longer be a factor in the way people perceive you. If there is something you haven’t necessarily always liked about yourself, take this as an opportunity to start fresh.
  • Take care of your feelings. Even when the change is positive, or something you’ve always wanted, anxiety still sets in because you’re worried about how it will turn out. Don’t suppress these feelings, it’s completely natural to have this anxiety. Take your time with it and slowly adjust. Seek support through friends and family, but don’t weigh yourself down with negative thoughts. Sit with your anxiety and work out all the ways in which something negative can turn into something positive.

I found this great post on WikiHow which I went through on the show about 5 Ways to deal with change which I encourage you to check out!

For those of you who are in the same boat as I am an are graduating, I want to pass on a piece of advice that I’ve learned through trying to cope myself, and that is to seize this new opportunity. As cliche as it sounds, the world is your oyster! Think big. Now is the time in your life to do the crazy and wild things you’ve always wanted. Embrace it while you can before life changes too much on us. This stage of in between is really a blessing in disguise. Do not settle in to the anxiety about job or post-grad just yet – embrace the limbo stage and do all the things you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

And finally, say your goodbyes. Give yourself a good send off. Take the time after exams to be with friends and experience Waterloo for the last time. Even if you ever do come back , you will never be the same person than you are right now. See this place through these eyes, and write about it so you never forget how you feel.

As a send off for the show, Tiffany and I both want to thank everyone at Radio Laurier and our listeners for a great year! Through her words from Denmark, Tiffany wanted me to pass along this message: “I’d just like to also thank everyone who has tuned in to the show and made the development and execution of the show the success it has been. We’ve had the wonderful pleasure of relating our experience as students and people with you. Thank you so much for letting us do this, and keep being a healthy hawk!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Stay healthy everyone and be kind to one another. Always remember to breathe and keep you’re head high. Life will always work out. Happy studying and good luck in your future endeavors! Pass on the love.


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