Sunday March 24th Show! "All That Jas Live"

Sunday March 24th Show! "All That Jas Live"

Hello all listeners of “All That Jas Live” new and old! Thank you for tuning into another great episode of  “All That Jas Live” on Radio Laurier! Your dedication week after week really shows your support and it is much appreciated!

As promised, below is a Full Track List that was played on Sunday’s show!:

  1.  MUMFORD AND SONS-  “I Will Wait” (London, England)
  2. JOEY BADA$$- “Waves” (Brooklyn, New York)
  3. DISCLOSURE- “White Noise” (United Kingdom)
  4.  SIA- “Breathe Me” (Adelaide, Australia)
  5. KENDRICK LAMAR-“Swimming Pools” (Compton, California)
  6. M.I.A- “Paper Planes” (Hunslow, United Kingdom)
  7. LABRINTH FT. EMELI SANDE- “Beneath Your Beautiful” ( London Borough of Hackney) & (Alford, Scotland) 
  8. IGGY AZELEA- “My World” (Sydney, Australia)
  9. RITA ORA- “Radio Active” (Yugoslavia)
  10. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE- “Mirrors” (Memphis, Tennessee)
  11. Whitney & Alanna- “The A Team Cover” (Canada)

*You can vote for Whitney & Alanna on Much Music for the Coke Covers! (link provided below)



(Iggy Azalea- “My World”)


On Sunday night’s amazing show we discussed the Fresh Faces in Acting from around the world! We counted down the Top 3 faces to look out for! Here they were:

  1. Elizabeth Debicki (Australia)- Starting as a relatively unknown actress from way down under in Australia, this young actress is about to blow up after her on screen debut in the upcoming film The Great Gatsby.
  2. Antonia Thomas (London)- Fans of the UK hit show Misfits (which is one of my favorite British shows) may already know her as Alisha, the teen felon doing community service with interesting super human powers. Antonia Thomas is already beginning to get more popular in North America! I deffiniately recommend you guys to check out Misfits
  3. Elodie Yung (Paris)- Elodie had her American debut in the hit psychological thriller Girl With The Dragon Tattoo as Lisbeth Slanders girl toy, but this young actress will be the face to remember in 2013 when she stars in the latest G.I Joe: Retaliation in theatres this May!


(UK’s Hit Show “Misfits” Antonia Thomas, second from Left.)

Following in the entertainment theme of Sunday nights show, we then jumped into a new segment on “All That Jas Live” called “New Movies You Might Wanna See”

  1. Welcome To The Punch (In theatres March 27th 2013)  This action starring Scottish favourite James Mcavoy should have the action and adventure movie lovers excited! This heist gone wrong action packed film also stars British actress Andrea Riseborough and London actor Mark Strong. Check it out and let me know what you think!
  2. Olympus Has Fallen (In theatres Now!) In this save the President Training Day type action-drama, everyone’s favorite Scottish actor Gerard Butler stars in this gritty adventure film. Has been said to be a little over the top, but can be compared to a more serious version of Die Hard. This is in theatres now so check it out!
  3. The Host (In theatres March 29th)  This one is for the Twilight and Hunger Game’s lovers (aka me)! This is Stephanie Meyer’s latest phenomenon starring young Irish actress Saoirse Ronan and British hottie Max Irons from London. I have a strong feeling this movie will be a mega success much like its competitors Twilight & The Hunger Games two of my favourite franchises. I for one cannot wait to check this one out!


(The Host- In theatres March 29th 2013)

And there you have a wrap of another great episode of “All That Jas Live” If you know someone who is trying to get their music out there by doing covers on YouTube let me know via Twitter, Skype or Email because I would love to feature them on my show!

I’d again like to thank all of my dedicated listeners, friends and family for tuning in each week! And of course to Radio Laurier for giving me such an amazing opportunity to host my own show each week!

Love, Jasmine.


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