Persevere and Share to get Somewhere!

Persevere and Share to get Somewhere!

Hey Folks! Folkin’ Around just finished our March 28th broadcast where we focused on a covers and collaborations themed show. We are excited to announce our first special guests onto the show which was a new local band called Raydea who you can see in the feature picture! The dynamic duo consisting of Rachel Bruch and Dylan Daquano rocked the airwaves with some melodic guitar and powerful vocals that kept Colleen and I with our ears open and toes tapping! Thanks to Raydea for sharing their amazing tracks with Folkin’ Around and hopefully all who tuned in will check them out on Facebook and twitter to catch all of their upcoming shows!

Also, I would like to give a shout out to The Matinee who agreed to meet up with Folkin’ Around for an interview before their show at Starlight with Electric 6 on March 26th. They were an awesome group of guys who enthusiastically shared their experiences within the music industry and the hard work and time that went into their success as Canadian musicians. At the end of the interview I asked them what message would they give to any aspiring or up and coming  musicians and the guitarist Matt Rose said ” never stop trying, keep pushing for what you want cause you won’t get it any other way.”

Ain’t it so true, their are no handouts in life…unless your Justin Bieber or Justin Trudeau .. As a starting musician it’s all about pushing and promoting yourself to the public’s ear and making yourself heard. Without that determination you will be stuck in a basement playing music to your walls. Music is meant to be shared and enjoyed, so share it! I always hear people say “I only sing in the shower,” but why?! what has made music into this embarrassing task. It should not be a task, like the past it should be an aspect of life! My Oma always told me ” When I worked I sang, I was always singing to whatever was on the radio because when you sing, you forget about the other side.” Now my Oma is suffering from Alzheimer so she never thoroughly explained what she meant by “the other side,” but to me she meant you forget about your problems, your stresses, whats bringing you down and find that place where your happy no matter what your doing. Music helped my Oma, and now helps me find that place of almost meditative bliss and to forget about the other stressful side of life.

Today’s broadcast hopefully made all you listeners forget about the stressful side of life with some great covers and collaborations like Home by Walk Off The Earth and Street Pharmacy, Let It Ride by The Matinee, The Writer by Ortto Pilot, and The Boxer by Mumford and Sons. We also played This Town by The Matinee, which is not a cover or collaboration but an amazing track that is my favorite off their new album “We’d Swore We’d See the Sunrise.” Today, Song of the Day was Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros where I ran through the chords quickly for all the guitarist who were listening.

Over all, share your music! and most importantly take criticism constructively, you never know when someone hears something that you don’t. Folkin’ Around loves to have local musicians come in and share their music with us. We want to display talent and help anyone whose trying to get their foot in the door heard! Tweet us at @FolkinAroundRL and let us know if you want to share your music with Folkin’ Around! Colleen and I had a blast today having Raydea in to the studio and we hope all you Folk’s listening enjoyed it as much as we did! Again, Thanks to all who tuned in today! Have an awesome week and tune in next Thursday for our Season’s Change and So Do We themed show where we will cover songs of political, social, seasonal, and any other kind of change we can think of!

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