The Infinite Possibilities of GDC

The Infinite Possibilities of GDC

With an installment of Can’t Stop The Signal that landed right smack dab in the middle of GDC (Game Developers Conference) as well as the day after the release of a game which some have claimed the game of the decade, we were bound to be chock full of news with stories being released even as we spoke! Thankfully we had time for a lot of great discussion and there are bound to be even more great stories coming out of the gaming industry and community next week.

Our first topic of discussion was that of the 17 minutes of gameplay showed off for EA’s Battlefield 4 today at GDC. While each of us have varying levels of history with the game and anticipation for this new installment, the general opinion seemed to be that while the game certainly did look very nice (especially considering it is being released on the current generation) that it seemed even more generic than usual, with reused animations and uniforms. It also became apparent while watching that it seemed the developers were having to meet the requirements of some sort of checklist, with token particle effects, high-speed chases and the shooting down of a helicopter. This is, however, to be somewhat expected of this type of gameplay reveal trailer and I was pleasantly surprised with the underwater segments and introduction of sea vehicles. Battlefield 4 is slated for release fall of this year for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Our next topic was the announcement of a new class addition to the game borderlands 2. That is of the character Krieg the Psycho, a melee based class character which a unique choice for a first person shooter. There will also be a level cap update that will increase the level cap to 61 released on April 02 with Krieg the Psycho following May.

Over in Through the Looking Glass we talked about the long list of Marvel film release dates that were announced as well as new trailers, with over 5 projects in the works, highlights include the release date of the new Captain America: Winter Soldier on May 04, 2014 as well as the inclusion of MMA fighter George Saint Pierre as a villain named Batroc the Leaper. With Baltroc also being a Mixed Martial Artist (named The Leaper for his specialty in type of French kick boxing called Salvate) and having no super powers, Saint Pierre seems like an excellent casting choice. Another one to note is that of the second Avengers movie is slated for May 01, 2015. This being the furthest dated Marvel film to currently be released.

We ended the show with Skandy’s impression of the new Bioshock: Infinite, a game that seems to be living up to its name as far as receiving infinite praise. Skandy praised the game for its engrossing narrative and vast living world, stating “The Devil’s in the details”. It is certainly a game in which the attention to detail is incredibly apparent and the passion the developers put into creating every facet of the world bleeds through and immerses the player.

Thanks again for tuning in and checking out the blog! Be sure to catch us again next Wednesday from 3-4 pm, we still have the tail end of GDC to hear lots of announcements as well as just recently finding out about the new Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain! Next week will surely be chock full of quality gaming news. Also be sure to check out the premiere episode of Geekasaurus Rex next week immediatly after Cant Stop the Signal at 4pm and our Facebook, Twitter and Steam group!

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(Written by Scott Clay)


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