Top 10 Songs to Ring Into Spring

Top 10 Songs to Ring Into Spring


Spring is here! This means a couple relieving things: 1) You can put away that shovel for a few blissful months 2) Summer is coming .

Birds come back north, flowers start to bloom, animals come out of hibernation and for many of us University students, we have four wonderful months to not think about essays, exams and lectures.

Spring. It is a wonderful season. So, for this weeks show we decided to do a Top 10 list dedicated to songs of spring. 


If you missed the show, here is our list:

10: Let’s Get it On-Marvin Gaye (for all the birds and bees who are “getting it on” in this mating season)

9: Another Spring-Nina Simone 

8: April Come She Will-Simon & Garfunkel 

7: Who’ll Stop The Rain-Creedance Clearwater Revival (Let’s face it: Spring means a lot of rainy days)

6: Morning Has Broken-Cat Stevens 

5:  The First Day of Spring-Noah & The Whale 

4: I Can See For Miles-The Who (Spring lifts you up from those winter blues which felt infinite and you can once again can see for miles beyond the Canadian cold and snow)

3: Here Comes The Sun-The Beatles 

2: First Day of My Life-Bright Eyes 

1: Howe Sounds-Said The Whale (Best part of Spring? Summer follows and you will once again be able to have some quality beach time).


The Bright Eyes music video we raved about:


Tune in next week for another exciting show from The Top 10


Happy Studying,

-The Top 10 


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