Lil Wayne's 'I Am Not A Human Being 2' Review

Lil Wayne's 'I Am Not A Human Being 2' Review

Where do I start with this one? Lil Wayne has been a mess lately. Whether its jail, seizures, calling out the entire Mimai Heat or fighting camera men, Weezy has taking a serious turn for the worst. But set aside his extracurricular agenda for minute and let’s peek into the music.

As his fame has grown over the years, he’s continuously straddled the line separating pop and rap. The production on 2010’s first installment of the I Am Not A Human Being series furthered this claim. Including extremely spacey beats that allowed Wayne to slap around silly bars and punchlines to the tune of an impending prison sentence that was waiting for him upon album completion.

With his 2013 release of I Am Not a Human Being II, it is easy to see that Wayne is actually very human. Wayne is constantly horny, always drugged up and rarely speaks on anything original. There is absolutely nothing extraterrestrial about it, though that’s not to say it isn’t fun sometimes. Tracks like ‘Rich As Fuck’ with 2 Chainz and ‘Love Me’ featuring Drake & Future, are actually pretty well done and sound fairly cohesive. The production on these tracks is strong and Wayne (with some help from his friends) delivers a few quality rap cuts.

Clocking in at almost 20 songs (including all bonus songs),  the album is excessively long, leaving room for mistakes that pull the album in multiple directions. Even though the strong tracks would suggest it sounds one way, the rest of the album cuts suggest otherwise. The auto-tuned ‘Curtains’ put on the same album with the rock heavy ‘Hello’ and ‘Hot Revolver’ literally sounds like two completely different artist.

Having reached a tenth solo studio album is monumental, especially in the roller-coaster world of hip-hop. That being said, more energy and effort could have definitely been placed into Wayne’s 10th. For the casual Weezy fan (those who have started listening after Lollipop), I Am Not a Human Being II is perfect mindless fun. However, for those who expected more from this repeatedly delayed effort, Wayne needs to stop skating and try harder. Sorry Tune.

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