Folkin' Around with Love

Folkin' Around with Love

Hello Folks, This week on Folkin’ Around was our Love and Loss themed show where we explored the joy of love and the pain of loss through great bands from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s to Bob Dylan. Something draws most humans to love in a frenzied fashion. Every culture has a large emphasis and unique beliefs of the role of love in society that has structured almost every human’s life at one point or another. But what is love? What is loss? Each person may have an idea of what these words mean to them, but can we truly understand and relate to each other when we share our tales of love and loss?


The word guitar is tangible, you hear the word and create a mental image of a guitar; a stringed instrument, most likely an electric or acoustic, possibly a bass guitar but the image is fairly consistent from one individual to the next. Although, when you say the word love or the word loss, the subjective meaning will be different depending on who your asking. Love, such an intangible and indescribable concept somehow wrapped up nicely in four letters.


The love a six year old has for its mother and the love between two adults is completely different, the former being based off dependency and unconditional love and the latter on personality and intimacy. Such a weighty word love is, full of meaning, happiness/pain and emotion. All folks know how to love in their own way, love is one of the most unique qualities from one person to another which is in my mind is why we love listening to love songs. We want to share our experiences of love, vulnerability, and happiness with one another and feel a sense of connectedness, knowing that others are feeling the same joy. Although we can never truly relate to the love another person feels we find peace and happiness in knowing that others have love in their life.


Folkin’ Around’s March 21st broadcast featured many artists sharing their tales of love and loss, kicking off the show with a little technical difficulty but made it up for you with some awesome tracks such as 40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Big Black Car by Gregory Alan Isakov and Laundry Room by The Avett Brothers.


Colleen and I talked about the upbeat and positive approach Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have when writing their love songs. Who better to sing songs of love then two people who share a passionate love for each other? Alexander’s diverse musical past and the hurdles he has had to overcome has developed the talented musician we hear and enjoy today. Jade, who Alex met and fell in love with while writing a book that’s main character was named Edward Sharpe, soon swept him out of his musical slum to create Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.


Folkin’ Around’s Time Bomb song of the day was Stubborn Love by the Lumineers where the quote “the opposite of love is indifference” really stood out to us. We moved into our second music segment where we played some of our favourite songs from artists such as Matt Kearney and Ben Howard. The Song of the Day was Don’t Think twice it’s Alright by Bob Dylan where Colleen ran through the chords and talked about what the song meant to her. We concluded the show with a request which was Old Man by Neil Young. We hope you all enjoyed Folkin’ Around’s Love and Loss themed show and tune in this Thursday at 1 Pm for our Covers and Collaborations themed show!

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