First Show Fresh!

First Show Fresh!

Wudddduuuup friends?! Wondering why we didn’t do a show on air this past Thursday? Well… that’s because we had our first annual HIP-HOP HANGOUT!

If yall have been paying attention to our Twitter or any other RL promotion tool, then you know it was hyped up (for good reason). The whole thing went down at Night School on King St. which turned out to be the perfect venue. We had the big homie DJ Matt Burk spin some of that classic and new school hip-hop just to get everyone tuuuuurnt up. Safe to say that he got the night started off right.

We moved on to our first performance of the night. Lyrical up and comer theO dropped some bars and beats with his 5 song set. He kicked it off with everyone’s favorite ‘We Near’ and glided thru the rest of his newest tracks. Yall can check out his entire catalogue right here. Make sure to follow him on Twitter @JamesxPhillips ! TNC >

Next up to grace the stage was KW’s finest, Ramsay Almighty. Coming off the release of his newest single, he swerved thru some of his old stuff and new stuff. The crowd got the most tuuurnt to his  biggest track ‘Living Life’. Check out the track right here and stay tuned for much more from Ramsay.

The performances concluded with Oakville’s very own Filth Krew. Featuring four dope MCs, Filth Krew really got Night School into by running through their classic boom bap raps and old school flow.

At 11pm we got on our KOTD tip and hosted one of the most anticipated battles in local hip-hop history. With $50 + bragging rights riding on, both rappers had to bring their best. Laurier’s rhyme slinger Tech Rymes got back into the ring and took on UW’s very own Young Gabriel. At this point Night School was packed as the rappers grabbed the mic and prepared to have a war of words. Both rappers flexed their battle bars for three 90 second rounds. theO, Ramsay and Filth Krew judged it and concluded that the winner was… Tech Rymes! Want to see it for yourself? Check out the full battle video right here. Let us know how you think the battle went by getting at us on Twitter @RLRapUp

We finished the night off with some more classic hip-hop music and dope an obvious tuuurn up session on the dance floor. All in all, the first annual Hip-Hop Hangout was a success. A big shout out goes to Cruel Waterloo, Night School, Matt Burk, theO, Ramsay, Filth Krew, Young Gabriel, Tech Rymes and of course RadioLaurier. As well as a big shout out to everyone that came thru to support local hip-hop in the KW community. You can bet your OSAP money that we will be doing it again next year soooo holler at us if yalll wanna perform/battle/DJ. We love us some new ishhhh.

That’s it from me doe. Check us out next week when we will return to regular scheduled programming. Word to Hov. Ha!





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