Fairness and Equality: The Unintentional Theme of Today's Show

Fairness and Equality: The Unintentional Theme of Today's Show

Today was Infiltrate the Mainstream’s third show and for the first time we stuck around for the full hour to talk about some of the latest headlines.

To start things off we discussed an article from this week’s issue of The Cord titled “Firehall bar has liquor license suspended indefinitely,” which provided some explanation for why the local hot spot had to shut its doors this past weekend. According to the article, the primary reasons were serving alcohol to minors and exceeding legal capacity. Both of us thought it was pretty foolish of the bar to do either of these things, especially since they had been given warnings prior. In what can be labeled an effort to earn some extra cash, it looks like their decision is going to have them losing in the long run.

Keeping it local we talked about an article from Waterloo’s The Record, which turned out to be a hoax. According to this article, a prosecutor in the United States is pressing charges on Phil the Groundhog for purposely misleading the entire nation about an early Spring. This piece had us fooled – we couldn’t believe someone would push for the death penalty again a furry rodent. Turns out it was all in good fun, and despite the remaining cold temperatures Phil will not be harmed. Please Note: no animals were harmed during the discussion of this article.

After a music break, we moved into some more serious news. Some listeners, Nick and Lindsay, were kind enough to send us some information on CNN’s poor coverage of a recent trial in the US, where two young men were convicted of raping a 16 year old girl. A post on  Upworthy.com titled “ALL KINDS OF WRONG: CNN Pays Touching Tribute to the Rapists Who Attacked a 16-year-old Girl”, condemned CNN’s coverage of the recent trial, which positioned the criminals as the real victims while making no mention of the woman who was assaulted. This article sparked a lengthy conversation where we argued that this is a shining example of why alternative sources such as Upworthy.com and Infiltrate the Mainstream are so important. Even the most popular mainstream sources can provide a distorted view on a story and alternative sources can work to counterbalance these skewed interpretations. If you agree with us and this article that CNN’s coverage was disturbingly unfair, check out this petition to have them publicly apologize.

Working off of our discussion of CNN’s poor reporting, we discussed another post from Upworthy.com, which focused on the misrepresentation of women and female sexuality in cinema. In this post, Ryan Gosling stands up against the MPAA’s decision to slap an NC-17 rating on his film “Blue Valentine”. This rating means that anyone under the age of 17 cannot see the film, regardless of parental consent. The film was given this rating because of a scene where Gosling’s character performs oral sex on a female character in the film. Gosling points out that “There’s something very distorted about this reality that they’ve [MPAA] created, which is that it’s okay to torture women on the screen. Sure, they probably deserved it. Any kind of violence towards women in a sexual scenario is fine, but give a women pleasure, no way. Not a chance. That’s ‘pornography’.”  This article sparked an important discussion between us, both reflecting on what we’ve learned in courses. Definitely worth checking out, and both of us have said we want to watch the movie.

To finish off we talked equality. An article from Huffington Post highlighted the founding of the “Equality House,” a home strategically situated across the street from an Anti-Gay church. The owner of this house, someone who believes in gay rights and equality for all, couldn’t think of a better way to give these close minded folks a taste of their own medicine then to open shop across the street and paint the house the colours of the gay-pride flag. We thought this was awesome, and despite having different opinions on religion, agreed that this is a case where people use (or abuse) religion as a tool for their own narrow minded beliefs.

Today’s unintentional theme was equality and we had a great time offering our opinions on some of the most recent headlines. Unfortunately, as the term comes to a close, next week will be our last show! So please tune in next Friday at 1p.m. and if you have any stories you would like us to discuss, send them into our Twitter account – @Infiltratems. 

Thank you to everyone who has followed us on Twitter, listened to us live, and sent in stories for us to discuss so far, it has made this project a lot of fun.

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