Scotty and Skandy Thursday!

Scotty and Skandy Thursday!

Good Afternoon Golden Hawks! Are you ready for another Morning Show recap blog? This morning was unfortunately sans Lunkis due to sudden health complications, but don’t worry listeners it was just a cold and we send him our best wishes and support towards a speedy recovery. Aside from that upset, today’s episode of the Morning Show staring DJs Scotty G and Skandy seemed to fly by with a cool How To segment for your inner forth grader illustrating How To Build a Cardboard Castle. Later in the show we played a Morning Show exclusive game called Real or Rachet where Scotty presented celebrity relationships and baby names to Skandy and both judged their relationship longevity and name quality. Needless to say, despite missing Lunkis’ presence, it was a fantastic Morning Show as usual.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in. For those of you who love Scotty G’s other show The Rap Up head on down to Night School in uptown Waterloo tonight for The Hip Hop Hangout hosted by the men of Radio Laurier’s Rap Up. Free admission if you show your OneCard.

Tune in tomorrow for more Skandy on The Morning Show from 9 am – Noon



P.S. here are some cinnamon buns if you missed breakfast today.

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