Out with the New, In with the Old?

Out with the New, In with the Old?

Is old Electronic Dance Music really better? This week on Brostep with MP3G we discussed the Top 10 EDM Albums of all time.  It seemed the higher we got on the list, the older the albums.  Here’s the countdown:

1. Daft Punk – Discovery

2. Justice – Cross

3. deadmau5 – 4 x 4 = 12

4. David Guetta – Nothing But The Beat

5. Skrillex – Bangarang EP

6. Zedd – Clarity

7. Skrillex – Scary Monster and Nice Sprites

8. Steve Aoki – Wonderland

9. Dada Life – Rules Of Dada

10. Calvin Harris – 18 Months


Anywahoozie, these albums are great opportunities to get into EDM, as these are the best artists releasing their best content.  SPEAKING OF DAFT PUNK, they are expected to release their new album this month, which is HUGE for the world of EDM. I attached their album cover, and check out their websites for news and updates regarding the album! -> (daftpunk.com). Feel free to comment and let me know what you think: Is older EDM better?  Listen next Wednesday at 11PM!


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