(Some of the) Best of 2012

(Some of the) Best of 2012

What’s up what’s up everyone! To anyone who tuned in Monday night, thank you first and foremost. Before I talk some more about that, let’s go back in time further to Friday night’s 24 Hour Broadcast here on Radio Laurier. I got to finally go on with the boys at The Rap Up and I gotta say they did not disappoint to make the show interesting! I judged the Verse of the Week for “Best verse so far from 2013”, ultimately deciding on Kendrick’s verse off ‘1 Train’ over J. Cole on ‘Tears for ODB’ and 50 Cent on ‘We Up‘. Really any verse off 1 Train could have taken the title, I think that song is absolutely nuts and features some of the best talent coming up in the game. I’d have to give best verse overall on that song to Big K.R.I.T., who I really need to listen to more of, but you could defend any verse and I’d agree in the end. I love talking music with the guys on The Rap Up because we agree on some songs and artists, but really have very ideas of what we think is “the best”. The important thing I think all of us agree on is that nobody is really “right” or “wrong” about what you like, it’s all opinion anyways and everyone has a place in hip hop. And I think its important to have that openness and be able to accept what others enjoy listening to, or you will end up being that pretentious asshole trying to defend J. Dilla to a Lil’ Wayne* fan all night.

*Quick note on Lil’ Wayne here. Rumours came out on Friday that he was close to death after having yet another seizure. As overrated as I think he might be, losing Lil’ Wayne so young would still be a huge blow to hip hop. I have a definite love-hate relationship with his music, because as much as I love seeing him come out with bad song after bad song (in my opinion), I would miss him if he were gone. Let’s hope this latest scare with death will get him to lay off all that codeine and cough syrup for a while.*

Now onto Monday’s show: I feel comfortable saying this was my best show, musicwise, that I’ve had all year. Inspired by Real Hip Hop Head‘s Top 100 list, I decided to play some of the best true hip hop songs from 2012. This list was extremely helpful in exposing me to some new songs while confirming the greatness of certain songs and albums that I did know about. To do this, I had to break my career-long streak of starting every show off with a J. Cole song because, frankly, he didn’t do anything last year. Former success doesn’t guarantee you will be regarded as great currently (cue to the three remaining Andrea Bargnani fans in the world nodding sadly), and I don’t think Cole earned his way on to this list. I started off with a song from Sene and Blu called Backboards, which uses such a great sample that I could listen to all day. I would say it’s my favourite sample of the year if it weren’t for the very next song on the show, where No I.D. used the incredible sax solo from this song on Nas’ song “Stay”. If anyone in a band wants to learn that song and then invite me to a show get at me ASAP.

Probably the craziest song I played was Hopsin’s Ill Mind of Hopsin 5. This guy is nuts. Just watch the video, where he wears these white contacts that make him look like a cat from your deepest nightmares.

This is Hopsin
This is Hopsin….
Have fun sleeping tonight
Have fun sleeping tonight

Regardless of how batshit terrifying he looks with those contacts, there’s no denying the kid’s got talent. He goes off in that song and has definitely moved onto my radar for the future.

I brought back the “Joke Rap” segment with a little something from Action Bronson. The fat-bellied, orange-bearded former chef has really grown (no pun intended) on me, and his wacky lyrics make it impossible to guess what he’s going to say next. I chose Intercontinental Champion because its short, sweet, and absolutely ridiculous. Not one line in the entire song makes any sense or has anything to do with keeping up a story, but I laughed out loud at least ten times in just over a minute so it’s worth a listen for sure.

As always, you can find my whole playlist up on my Facebook page Verses From The Abstract or follow along with me on twitter @t_rev91. Thanks for tuning in and I’ll be back next week with more great hip hop and rap for your ears!

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