Hey there skanatics,

Sorry for the post delay but dealing with internet issues leads to hard times for me. But lets get down to the nitty gritty – this week one the show we focused on the most famous ska bands of all time and how they became famous. Playing interviews from several of the bands describing how they influenced the ska world. We looked at:

The Planet Smashers

Reel Big Fish

Streetlight Manifesto

Discussing how important they were to the third and fourth wave movements. There was a lot more discussion than music this week, so I will leave you with a new discovery of mine instead of a relay of the show.

VOOOODDOOOOO MOOOOOON: Voodoo Moon formed in 2005 in Berlin and has been in its present formation since the beginning of 2008. Combining traditional jamaican with modern styles of ska-jazz, reggae and rocksteady, these eight musicians have found their own distinctive sound.
In the summer of 2008, the first album was recorded and was released December 19th, 2008: „Get On!“ is an invitation to hop on the Voodoo train!

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