Thank You For Tuning into the "24 Hour Live Broadcast!"

Thank You For Tuning into the "24 Hour Live Broadcast!"

“All That Jas” Hosted by Jasmine Ault (March 15th 2013)

First off, Thank You to everybody that tuned into the Live 24 Hour Broadcast Event hosted by Radio Laurier on March 15th! For everybody who donated a very special Thank You! Without all of your generous donations and support Radio Laurier would not be able to broadcast all of our fabulous shows! If you have not donated but would like to, please click DONATE on 🙂 Once again thank you to all my family and friends & dedicated listeners who tuned in and tweeted me live and requested song’s during Fridays amazing show!

Below is a complete list of the music played during the show:

  • Tame Impala- “Mind Mischief” (Perth, Australia)
  • Wiley- “Reload” (East London, England)
  • Marina & The Diamonds- “How To Be A Heartbreaker” (Wales, UK.)
  • Rihanna- “Stay” (St. Michaels, Barbados)
  • One Direction- One Way Or Another” (London, England)
  • Bruno Mars- “When I Was Your Man” (Honolulu, Hawaii)
  • J. Cole“Power Trip Ft. Miguel” (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Drake- “Started From The Bottom” (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Ed Sheeran- “Drunk” (Halifax, England)
  • Ben Howard- “Keep Your Head Up” (London, England)
  • Bob Marley– “Jammin” (St. Ann, Jamaica)

Tame Impala


(Tame Impala– “Mind Mischief” [Perth, Australia] )

If you would like any links or background information on the above artists and songs please contact me via email at: 

Hottest Irish Actors/Actresses in spirit of St. Patrick’s Day Festivities: 

  1. Colin Farrel,  “Fright Night” (Castleknock, Ireland)
  2. Saoirse Ronan, “The Host” (Carlow, Ireland)
  3. Pierce Brosnan, “Mama Mia” (Droghead, Ireland)


(Colin Farrel)

WACKIEST NEWS: This Week In The Media

  • Justin Biber’s London Trip- Since Justin Bieber’s headlining split from Selena Gomez the now 19 year old Justin Bieber has been making headlines for being overly rebellious. Just this past week alone Justin has been sued for 300k for showing up 40 minutes late to a London Show, Celebrated his 19th birthday on March 3rd tweeting “Worst Birthday Ever” after things allegedly got out of hand at a London nightclub, his fans booing him at a show, then passing out in London’s 02 arena in the middle of a performance, and finally Justin’s breaking point where he snaps and says he’s going to “F-ing beat the you know what out” of a very rude paparazzi. I’m calling team Justin on this one. But then, I’m also a huge fan of the Biebs.


(Justin Bieber attacks paparazzi in London on March 8th)

  • One Direction’s Harry Styles (who recently broke up with Hollywoods biggest serial dater Taylor Swift) reportedly wants to date Oscar winner and Hollywoods newest golden girl Jennifer Lawrence. Personally, anyone that can recognize the mistake that is Taylor Swift while looking hot while doing it, is a winner in my books!

Do It Yourself Trends! On Friday’s show we counted down the Top 3 trends in DIY trends!

  1. Bowties- Whether it’s turning your hair into a bow tie, or throwing an oversized bowtie in your hair for everyday wear, this style has definitely blown up over the past few years. Bow ties are no longer just for young school girls and have been seen in celebrities hair like Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens, Snooki and of course, Queen Madonna. Try cutting ribbon and tying it into a cute bun into your hair! Or check out American Apparel for oversized bows for your hair!
  2. Lacoste Shirts for Men, I found this super cool, fresh and artsy idea from Lacost. For the guys who like DIY crafts and unique clothes, check out these golf style polos that come with a premade stencil on the shirt and fabric paint and brushes for you to have a part in designing your own unique Lacoste Polo!
  3. DIY Teeth Whitener! Teeth whitening can be expensive, especially as a University student! This cool DIY teeth whitening trick I found actually works! Mix Hydrogen Peroxide with Baking soda and brush into teeth for approximately 2 minutes, two to three times a week for the best results! This is all natural but don’t swallow!


(Curtesy, Tumblr)… so cute!

The 24 Hour Live Broadcast was such a great opportunity and amazing cause, and I am so honoured to be able to be a part of it! I’d like to thank my team once again at Radio Laurier for all of their hard work that they put into this special event. And another big thank you to my family, friends and listeners for tuning in!

A special thank you to @AllySmiile for the song request! (Ben Howard, “Keep Your Head Up”) and to @MaddieBonadeo for sitting in on an episode of  All That Jas Live in the studio!

Love, Jasmine. xoxo

Twitter: @AllThatJasLive

Skype: AllThatJasLive








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