You Gotta Live Your Lines!

You Gotta Live Your Lines!

Wuddduuppp friends? I bet you are all wondering why I am blogging literally one day after I blogged for this week’s show. It’s because of RadioLaurier’s second annual 24 Hour Broadcast. Thankfully we were able to snatch up a slot at 11pm on Friday and again at 6am this morning.

Our 11pm time slot was extra trill because we had our main man Trevor from RL’s ‘Verses from the Abstract’. We decided to use his hip-hop expertise to judge another Verse of the Week. We went with the ‘Best Verse of 2013’. And if yall know Trev like we do, he doesn’t give out wins very easy sooo we had to bring our best.

I went with Kendrick’s verse off 1Train. Kamo went with J Cole’s first verse off Tears For ODB. And finally Cutz went with 50’s first verse on his new track We Up. After a heated debate and some chirps thrown, Trev announced that I WON AGAIN! That’s right, Glaysh took it again. #2TimesInOneWeek ! I knew that I could count on Compton’s finest to bring me the second in of the week. A big shout out to Trevor for coming thru and judging. Yall can check out the winning verse here.

After a little 7 hour break, Kamo and I hit the studio and air some shit out. We called this segment 6AM in Waterloo in honor of Drake’s 5AM in Toronto. We talked that real, played some trill tracks and definitely got tuuuurnt up. Even the homie DJ TigerPants came on and rocked with us.

Buuutttt yaaa, I just thought I would let yall know what was goin’ on and stuff. Check us out next week at Night School for our first annual Hip-Hop Hangout. Yall do not wanna miss it.




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