Tough Travels Call for Catchy Tunes

Tough Travels Call for Catchy Tunes

Hey Folks,


Today, Folkin’ Around’s show was “Travelling Folk” themed where we played songs about travelling, songs we listen to when travelling, or songs that remind us of times on the road. Colleen and I had a blast putting together this playlist and sharing it with those who tuned in today! Flipping through our never ending iTunes libraries we found it difficult to decide between all the amazing folk songs with a travelling theme.


The most unique aspect of travelling is that it is one of the only universal human activities that all generations, societies, cultures, and individuals share. Whether it be crawling, walking or flying, everyone partakes in this age old activity of getting from point A to point B. Why this obsession with movement, why not stay put? Because it is in us as humans, part of our being that urges us to explore, experience, and discover new horizons; all which travelling accomplishes rather efficiently!


What better style of music to truly capture this ageless activity of travel then Folk. Folk’s roots derive from a myriad of sources, some being our pre-colonial and post colonial fathers of the place we call home, the Nomadic tribes who travelled to survive, and the European explorers who’s lives were devoted and risked in the name of discovery. Folk is the ongoing documentation of human experience, and the most universal human experience is travel.


We kicked off the day with an upbeat song from the paper lions, followed by the American folk super group Monsters of Folk. Monsters of Folk was a collaboration band which consisted of various folk musicians from bands such as Jim James from My Morning Jacket, Coner Oberst and Mike Mogis from Bright Eyes, and M.Ward from She and Him. We finished off the first half of the show with songs by Whitehorse, Broken Bells, Loch Lommond, and The Head and The Heart.


The second half of the show started with our Time Bomb section where we choose a part in a song that really caught our ears the first time we heard it. This weeks Time Bomb Song was Another Travellin’ Song by Bright Eyes where we found we liked the build the song has and how it concludes with a powerful ending musically and lyrically. On after that was the always enjoyed Mumford and Sons with their song Holland Road. The rest of the show consisted of some folkin’ good tunes by The Milk Carton Kids, John Denver, The Riverside, and Bahamas. Shout out to The Riverside, a group out of California that contacted us and let us know about their easy vibes and folky tunes! Check out the song we featured on today’s show Everywhere I Go by The Riverside, great song!


The Song of the Day was Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine show, where Colleen ran through the chords for all the guitarists out there! I know I have been singing this song for a while now  jamming it with friends around campfires. It’s a great tune that gets your toe tapping! Colleen and I hope you enjoyed this weeks broadcast and tune in next week for our Love and Loss Themed show where we will explore the joy of love and the pain of loss on Folkin’ Around At




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