Mental Health, Politics and Hashtags

Mental Health, Politics and Hashtags

Yesterday on the show we had the pleasure of being part of the second annual Radio Laurier 24 Hour Broadcast, and for our contribution we brought you all sorts of interesting news stories.

First off, Thursday March 14 was Love My Life walk for mental health – the Students Union on campus held a 12 hour walk-a-thon to help raise awareness, create dialogue, and fundraise for the Beautiful Minds program at the Grand River branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association. We found this story in the Waterloo Record, which you can find here. We felt it was a great way to raise awareness, and both agreed that the stigmas and negative connotations surrounding mental health issues need to be done away with. We’ve noticed that mental health awareness has been a hot topic around the nation in the past year, which Mike believed to be related to the mass shooting that happened in Aurora, Colorado last year. While this was an extremely tragic event, I have to say I’m glad it has sparked the movement for mental health awareness.

As a story sent in by one of our listeners and fellow classmate, Elyse, we discussed the recent drop Canada made on the most developed countries list. For the full story by CBC, click here. Essentially, Canada dropped in the list due to the large improvements of Japan and Australia, making Canada 11th. However, when factoring in gender inequality, Canada dropped even farther to 18th place. What we found even more interesting, is that the United States placed 3rd until you factored in gender inequality, which caused the insane drop to 42nd place. Mike and I both admitted to not being politically in tune, so we didn’t have too much to discuss on the politics of the matter. However, it did create a discussion of how our generation is significantly less interested in politics, which raises huge concerns. Politics is obviously crucial to our society, and if we aren’t paying attention to it then we will wake up one day in a mess without knowing when or how it happened. While we agreed that this may be because information is not readily available through the streams that the youth are participating in, we think there should be a larger effort on our part to go out and gain the knowledge we need to vote and be involved in the politics of our nation.

Lastly, we found this article about Facebook looking to adopt the hashtag as a way to group conversations and make a topic easily searchable. Ultimately, it comes down to keeping traffic on Facebook to create larger exposure to advertisements, according to the article. This got us into a nice social media chat where Mike expressed his feelings that social media should remain separated, and doesn’t like when multiple sites interconnect. However, as I so graciously pointed out, it is called social NETWORKING for a reason, and if all of these media sites aren’t connected, then it defeats a large part of their function. But, we did agree that hashtag for Facebook is just plain weird and just an attempt to keep more people interested in Facebook.

Thanks to those who tuned in, and make sure to check us out next week, back on Friday at 1:00pm. Please tweet in any stories you want us to talk about! @Infiltratems

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