"Rap Is For The Underdogs"

"Rap Is For The Underdogs"

Wuddduuuup friends? We are back in the studio this week keepin’ it all the way real with yall as per usual. Last week’s live broadcast was super trill but it’s always nice to have the team in the studio keepin’ it classic.

We started off this week with something new outta the Odd Future camp. The young rhyme slinger Earl Sweatshirt dropped a new track to follow up his 2012 release, Chum. The new record is called ‘WHOA’. It features OFWGKTA captain Tyler, The Creator. Earl uses his classic multiple rhyme schemes and delivers a solid product. Safe to say that The RapUp can’t wait for his debut album. Check the song + video right here. Whhhhooooooaaaaaaaaaaa…

We moved onto the most controversial man in rap. Lil Wayne is ready to drop a new album on March 26th and he gave us a little taste of what is to come with some snippets from the upcoming project. The album is a followup to his 2010 release, I Am Not A Human Being. The album sounds pretty typical with not too much differentiating track from track. Although, the song featuring 2 Chainz entitled ‘Rich As Fuck’ has a smooth, relaxed and confident sound that could potentially give Weezy another shot at the top. Buuuut, probably not. Check it out right here and let us know what you think.

Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure was kind of a throwback but definitely a tuuuurn up track. Yall remember that infectious hook by Roscoe Dash? “Guuuurllll droppp it to daa flooooo” That’s right! This week’s GGP was Waka Flocka Flame’s smash hit ‘No Hands’. It features Wale and Roscoe Dash. The song was huge back in early 2011 and easily deserves a little shine in 2013. Yall can get ratchet to it right here and do not forget to throw some money & do it with no hands. #ProceedToThrowCash

Ready for the realest? k good. This week we kicked The Realness on Canadian hip-hop. Why? Well, before we went live to air, I had a very introspective interview with Canadian hip-hop legend k-os. We talked about everything from his new album to the in and outs of tour life. Somewhere in there we discussed the current situation in Canadian hip-hop. After hearing what he had to say about the scene, it was evident that Canadian rap music is in a good place. With MCs such as Drake, Saukrates, Classified, Shad, himself and producers like T-Minus and Rich Kidd, the Canadian vibes are heavily felt in hip-hop. Even though we are a smaller hip-hop market, we got some great artists to make up for it. All this being said, we played a cut off k-os’ new album which features two other Canadian rappers; Saukrates and Shad. Check it out here. We also played a new track from up and coming rapper theO. Yall can check with out live at The RapUp’s Hip-Hop Hangout on March 21 at Night School in Waterloo. In the meantime, check his music here. THE TRUE NORTH, STRONG & TRILL!

We rapped things up with Verse of the Week. We decided to take to Twitter (@RLRapUp) and let the first person who tweeted at us judge. The big homie @Chadzz17 tweet quick and got on his Simon Cowell shit. This week’s theme was Best Crew Verse. This was the best verses from a collective in hip-hop. Soooo I guess technically it was “verses” of the week but whatever. I kicked things off with the YMCMB tack ‘Pass The Dutch’. Kamo went with the TDE cut ‘Black Lip Bastard Remix’ and Cutz went with D12’s ‘My Band’. Wanna know who won? *drum roll please* GLAYSH DID!!! This is my first VOW win since O-Week soo it’s safe to say I’m on cloud nine. Shouts to Chris for being a great roommate judge. Check the winning verses here.

Well that’s it from us this week. Check us out tomorrow night (Friday, March 15th) on RadioLaurier’s 24 Hour Broadcast. We are going on with the big homie Trevor from’Verses from the Abstract’. We are hittin’ the airwaves at 11pm. ALSO! Make sure to come to our Hip-Hop Hangout on Thursday, March 21st at Night School in Waterloo. Oh and one more thing… make sure to follow us on Twitter @RLRapUp and ket us know what you think about any of the topics we covered tonight.





Peace, Love & Earl’s lips.

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