Gaming with Rhythm

Gaming with Rhythm

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We had so much gaming related news to discuss for today’s show, we actually ran out of time for all of them! Don’t worry though, Skandy and I are about to give you the what’s what in today’s blog post. First and foremost, EA is offering a free game to early adopters of their latest title Sim City. After a launch that disappointed many gamers with long queues to enter a server EA has decided to reward it’s loyal customers with a free game from the EA catalog, as a sort of apology for the rough service over the past week. As of this point it’s not clear which games will be eligible, though skepticism is already flying among gamers who assume EA really doesn’t care. Either way, if you purchase the latest Sim City before March 18th, expect a message from EA regarding your free title. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Dead Space 3, though we’ll see how generous they’re willing to be!



After a number of disappointing setbacks, Naughty Dog’s Last of Us has finally received a concrete release date – June 14th on the PS3. However, gamers will have something to wet their appetites before then as the Last of Us game demo has been announced to be released on May 31st. Though this only gives consumes two weeks to play with the demo, at this point I wouldn’t mind trying this game out in any respect. It’s really exciting to see just how enthralling the story will be on this one. I personally look forward to running like a little girl from these uglies.



We took a bit of time out of today’s show to discuss the genre of rhythm games. With the release of the latest Humble bundle my gaming library has been graced by the hypnotizing Super Hexagon, a game that has you relying on quick reactions and a feeling for rhythm. Other rhythm games mentioned included Sequence, a rhythm game / RPG hybrid that challenges the player’s quick fingers on three different playing fields. Complete with a soundtrack by keyboard artist Ronald Jenkees (and with a cast of lovable characters to boot) sequence stands out as a great moderately priced title for the thrifty rhythm gamer.



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