This week I wanted to take on a task that proves to be a bit daunting… perseverance. I think everyone is a little too familiar with this skill. As something that’s incredibly difficult to master, perseverance is one of those necessary skills for getting through life. As students, we’ve developed this skills, often without even noticing.

Perseverance is the ability to bear difficulties and never give up trying. It is being committed, working hard, being patient and enduring the hard times without giving up. If you can’t think of a way you do this, don’t get discouraged – you’re probably persevering on a daily basis without even realizing it!

I found a great website that breaks down this value really well, and gives a lot of great ways you can persevere , quotes to get you motivated, and people who persevered despite hardships or disabilities. If you have a few minutes, check it out here.

For Write It & Bite It this week I turned to WebMD for tips on how to overcome the barriers that stop us from sticking to a healthy diet. When it comes to eating healthy, it’s important to persevere through those barriers and always keep trying. The best thing you can do is expect the barriers because everyone slips up, and then have a plan to overcome them.

In Work it Out this week, I had a special guest, Mike Hajmasy come on the show to talk about his experience persevering through his Insanity Workout challenge. He started it in January, and it still going!

For Come Together this week, we had a listener ask for advice with long distance relationships and the biggest advice I could give is to keep open communication and make sure you trust the person. In any relationship, whether friendship or otherwise goes through rough patches, and it is these times that define you as a couple. Recognizing when to persevere and when to let go is the tricky part. If a relationship is draining, turning you into someone you’re not, or is taking advantage of who you are, then it may be time to let go. But if you have a relationship with someone you enjoy being with, or they make you a better person, or you can see them in your future, then it is worth persevering through the rough patches to stay with that person.

I didn’t have time to cover Hit the Books this week, so as promised, here’s what I wanted to say:

Perseverance is crucial for success in school as students will constantly be faced with more things to do. In our situations we literally don’t have any other choice but to persevere. In his blog, Matt Might lists perseverance as one of the three qualities to being a successful PhD student. Although we may not all be on this path, it’s helpful in our studies right now. He says that you have to be willing to fail from the moment you wake to the moment your head hits the pillow. The skill you acquire during this “trauma”, as he calls it, is the ability to imagine plausible solutions, and the likelihood that an approach will work. If you persevere to the end of this phase, your mind will intuitively know solutions to problems in ways it didn’t and couldn’t before.

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