Wuddduuup hip-hop heads?! Didn’t see us swaggin’ out in the studio this week? Well, that’s because we were live broadcasting from Night School. And no… I don’t mean late night three hour lectures.

This week The RapUp and EDM w/ Matt Burk did a little live broadcast collab from newly erected (pause) uptown Waterloo bar, Night School. Do to some technical difficulties (where is Ian when you need him) we weren’t able to start choppin’ it up until about 8pm but we kept the hits rolling from 7-8. Despite our shortened chit chat segment, a lot actually happend in hip-hop this past week.

We kicked things off some unsettling news. With the release of Drake’s newest track, 5 AM in Toronto, some light was shed on supposed beef between Drizzy himself and his R&B counterpart, The Weeknd. According to some sources, Drizzy caught feelings over The Weeknd’s newly inked deal with UMG instead of his Warner Music label, OVO. As we all know, Drake was essentially the sole reason The Weeknd got so successful so quick. Drake has subliminally been taking shots since November and he aired some things out in this new record. Check out a timeline analysis of the beef here and make sure to give the new song a listen here. I guess that OVO and that XO aren’t everything we believe in anymore…

Now, you are all probably wondering why the cover photo for this post is Sway Calloway and an old ass TV. Simple. Kanye gave it to him. Still doesn’t make sense? Okay, well, this past week MTV and their panel of hip-hop no-it-all’s fired off their annual ‘Hottest MCs In The Game’ list. This list includes 10 of the hottest/dopest/nicest rappers from Feb 2012 until Feb 2013. MTV had their usual unusual picks that placed A$AP at #8 and Kanye at #7. Yeezy wasn’t to pleased with this list and called up DJ Enuff of Hot97 and ranted a little lot. He said that him and labelmate Big Seam should be higher on the list. He let DJ Enuff know that his bars were better and Sean has also been killing tracks lately. He also said that he thought Weezy has the best rapper in the game. Yeezy hearts Weezy. Kanye then said that Sway (the creator of MTVs list) should always remember that he gave him his very first TV. I guess a TV = a higher spot on the list. Check out the call into Hot97 right here. #GivenchyKanye

BUT HOL’ UP! It wouldn’t be right if we here at The RapUp didn’t make our own list, right? Peep our picks:

  1. Kendrick Lamar
  2. 2 Chainz
  3. A$AP Rocky
  4. Rick Ross
  5. Big Sean
  6. Kanye West
  7. Drake
  8. Future
  9. Meek Mill
  10. Lil Wayne

Is that ‘that shit you don’t like’? Let us know! Get at us Twitter @RLRapUp and give us your own list. But that is all from us for now. Make sure to tune in next week where will be giving you the business.




Peace, Love & Sway’s TV

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