Confederate Flags and Thought Controlled Computers Made for an Interesting First Show

Confederate Flags and Thought Controlled Computers Made for an Interesting First Show

Infiltrate the Mainstream is a brand new radio show born from a fourth year seminar course called “Citizen Media and the Public Sphere”. For the purposes of this course, the aim is to engage with some form of citizen media, and we couldn’t think of anything better than the campus radio station! Essentially, we’re trying to show our listeners how average folks like the two of us can do something more than mindlessly consume media content. We’re using this media outlet to filter content from local, national, and global news platforms, discussing stories that we think are going to be of interest to the Laurier community.

Today’s program touched upon some local, national, and… thought provoking stories. To start we spoke about some local news gathered from the Waterloo Record about a new TV show coming to Cambridge. We weren’t able to find an online version of this article, but it can be read in today’s issue of the paper. This was a fun article to look at, which spiraled into a discussion about Canadian television and the unfortunate tendency to film content in Canada but to have the show set somewhere else. That seems to be the case for the upcoming “Bitten” as well.

Next we took a look at an article from the National Post featuring a restaurant in Hamilton, Ontario that has proudly plastered their building with Confederate flags. There are a few different articles on this same story, but we began with a comment piece by Kelly McParland . This was a great story to look at, and we’re thankful that it was sent into us by a listening through Twitter, because it shows how an ideology and deeper meaning can become attached to an object. Our discussion of this set of articles went on for some time, and the consensus we came to was essentially that more often than not, people sport the Confederate flag knowing full well that there are a plethora of negative connotations behind it, and that is what makes it so controversial. 

The last article we looked at (following a beautiful musical break featuring the transformed Taylor Swift) came from  and was titled “Soon You Will Interact With Computers Through Thought Alone” (by Christopher Mims). This article is definitely worth checking out, and discusses technological developments that are making the control of a computer hands free. This was just too ‘out there’ to pass up. This potential ‘next have’ product raised a lot of questions for us including: What happens if you think a sporadic thought? What happens if the technology starts to control you? And most importantly, do you have to be bald to wear this control cap?  (See image above, haha).

We had a blast doing this first show and look forward to the next 4 or 5 we have the pleasure of running. This is definitely one of the more exciting class related projects we’ve had the chance to be apart of. A big part of this project, however, is getting involved with other citizens, you guys! So please feel free to follow us on Twitter and tweet in links to stories that you’d like to hear us talk about. Next Friday we’ll be on air at 1:30p.m. instead of 1:00 p.m. due to some shifting in the schedule for the 24 hour broadcast.

Mike Hajmasy

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