Allow me to Introduce Myself

Allow me to Introduce Myself

I am the new guy, DJ New Guy is not going to give up his name to me though. My name is Jeff Roberts and I finally found my DJ nickname, JR, kept it simple. I have a real passion for Sports and that is why I am doing this blog and the radio show. I am going to take this initial opportunity to introduce who I am and what I care about, I am also going to plug my twitter handle, its @Jeff_Roberts23 in case you were wondering.

If you have been listening or are listening you will have realized that I do not contribute much to the hockey talk. It is not that I do not like the sport, I find it very entertaining and the NHL playoffs are the best in pro sports. Despite all of this I do not follow it passionately, just at a causal level (How about them Blackhawks? Wow). What I am passionate about is the NBA, College basketball and football along with the NFL and MLB. There are only 2 teams that I am passionate enough about to jump out of my chair or walk around my house in order to calm myself down. The Michigan State Spartans basketball team has been my favourite team ever since I saw them win the NCAA championship in 2000, the first basketball game I remember watching. The other team is the Miami Heat and more precisely ┬áLebron James. I was not a huge fan of his until he made his “decision” and took his talents to south beach, all of the critics and “haters” he had to face basically forced me to defend his choice and wish for him to shut up the critics. He finally achieved that last year as he won the regular season MVP and the finals MVP. This season he is on his way to a fourth regular season MVP as his Heat are in the midst of the franchises longest winning streak.

What is more relevant now however is the NCAA basketball season. For my first entry I am going to talk about the up coming March Madness basketball tournament.

This year has been absolutely bananas. No number 1 ranked team has lasted long atop the podium, there have been many different number 1s and a wide variety of schools have entered the top 10 and some just for a short while until they got upset. I frequently enter bracket pools and have many of my own just so I can see how my ideas work out. This year if I make say, 7 brackets, I might have 7 different final fours because anything can happen this year. Something that will not happen however is a 16 seed beating a 1 seed. Yes, like no other year ┬áthe 1 seeds will be vulnerable but none will be upset their first game, period. Even if it is just guess work, before the conference tournaments I will list my projected final four. This are likely to change based upon how they play in their conference championships and how the seeding works out for the big dance. For my first blog entry I might as well make a statement so here it goes: Duke, Florida (my dads favourite), Louisville and Michigan. A couple of things, I would have loved to pick MSU here but they have let me down in recent years so I need to see something more from them. VCU might be the “sexy” pick but the fact that they will not sneak up on anyone will be a negative and I dont expect them to make much noise. In conclusion, with such ridiculous expectations and parody in this years tournament I am sticking with the teams who have stuck around near the top all year.

At the end of the day no one should make their bracket thinking they will get alot right. Prepare for alot of Xs next to your picks which might not make for a happy night but no matter what, this tournament will be insane so buckle up.

Oh ya, follow me, @Jeff_Roberts23

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