First of a Folkin' Good Show!

First of a Folkin' Good Show!

Thanks to all you folks who tuned in this afternoon for the first ever broadcasting of Folkin’ Around!

Mitch and I had a great time taking you through a timeline of North America’s best folk music, from the 20th century onward. We talked about the first folkers of the 1920s-30s who traveled around recording music that had been sung for generations, the kind of communal and often un-authored tunes that first defined the genre.

Folk artists emerging in the 1940s and 1950s such as Woody Guthrie and Jean Ritchie, who you heard in our first music segment, were influenced by these sounds and made new compositions about their own experiences and beliefs. Since this time period was politically tense however with the Red Scare following World War 2, many of these artists were taken down due to the opinionated content of their music.

Folk peaked up again however when new issues such as civil rights and Vietnam had singer-song writers such as Bob Dylan, who we also played during the first segment, reaching for their guitars. We also threw some Cat Stevens in there as well, as real musical peace promoter of the 1970s.

Later on in the show we talked about how folk has evolved in modern day and all the different genres that it mingles with. We played the jazzy folk of Feist, the Celtic sounds of Mumford and Sons, multiple instrumentals of Hey Rosetta!, the psychedelic Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros along with our time bomb song by the raw and brilliant Shakey Graves.

Time Bomb is a part of the show where we pick a song, this time it was Roll the Bones, and we pull a good quote or musical technique that we liked from it. We also have a Song of the Day, which followed out second music segment, where we pick a song to teach all you folkers out there on the guitar. Today it was Ho Hey by The Lumineers, one of the big ones on the folk charts presently.

We closed the show with a request that was tweeted to us @FolkinAroundRL. We really want to thank those who made our show interactive today by listening in and sharing the experience! Also, a shout out to Radio Laurier who made the awesome opportunity of sharing music with you all possible. Check out a playlist of our featured songs today on our youtube or through our facebook to and keep it folky!

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