Alien or Turtle?

Alien or Turtle?

Hello everyone, Lunkis and Skandy here with another CSTS blog!


Today’s show featured a few significant news stories, including the recently announced multiplayer mode for the latest God of War title – Ascension. In Ascension’s “Trial of the Gods“, you and a friend fight waves of relentless mythological beasts, all while surviving against Olympus’s hourglass. The most prestigious of fighters may even make it far enough for the finale – an epic boss encounter. If you were previously on the fence about the latest God of War, this may help influence your decision when the game is released on March 12th.

In other news this week sees the launch of the new Sim City, courtesy of Maxis studios. We’ll have an in depth review of the game on next week’s installment of Can’t Stop the Signal, though at this point the game has been recieving some pretty positive reviews from the critics. You may want to steer clear of the metacritic reviews right now though, the game is shipped with a pretty hefty always online DRM that has gamers up and arms. Essentially, it’s not possible to play the game without an always-online internet connection, and gamers had to wait upwards of 20 minutes on launch day just to connect to the EA servers to play singleplayer.


During our discussion in “Through the Looking Glass” we took a moment to talk about Michael Bay’s reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, due for release some time in 2014. Rumours speculate that the film will feature our favourite shelled ninjas not as turtles, but apparently as some sort of alien lifeform. Though details are hazy there have been talks of casting Hollywood star Megan Fox as the camera toting April O’Neil. Here at the studio we’re hoping that it’s not the case, although with Michael Bay directing I’m sure we can expect a film to talk about.


At the end of this episode of Can’t Stop The Signal I (Skandy) reviewed the recently released franchise reboot of Tomb Raider. Dropping the “Lara Croft” in the title wasn’t the only difference between this new release and it’s predecessors. The game features a more “fragile”  adaptation of the female protagonist, and presents a origin story for the video game icon. In Skandy’s personal opinion, despite various minor flaws in the game such as stereotypical supporting characters and gameplay bugs, the game holds it’s own. Following in the footsteps of various blockbuster shipwreck games, such as The Uncharted series and Farcry 3, Tomb Raider’s  journey of survival and “archeology” mixed with the prestine and extremely emotional voice acting for the gaming icon is a definitive should buy. If you want an action packed emotional rollercoaster and to experience a new, and totally badass without any eroticization, then check out Tomb Raider. Skandy score: 8 out of 10


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– Lunkis and Skandy

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