9 Days Until 24 Hour Broadcast!

9 Days Until 24 Hour Broadcast!

Hello folks,

Missed the show earlier today? Fret not! I’ll fill you in on a few of the things you missed!

Smiley, Oracle, and myself started things off at 9:00 chatting weather and Laurier events. Based on what the Weather Network is telling us, it looks as if we can expect a big of a chillier St. Patrick’s day this year (somewhere around -5). But this is of course fairly early so lets keep our fingers crossed until then!

For our ‘How To’, we decided to chat about ‘how to start your own small zoo’. Turns out it might be more economically viable to just visit your local zoo instead… Concerning ‘Laurier Problems’, looks like the Laurier Twitterverse is not pleased with MyLearningSpace. If you’ve been absent from MyLaurier recently, you’ll have missed the handful of issues going on between actually getting on the site and of course submitting assignments and posts. Once TBA made his way to the studio, we chatted soccer discussing Champions League and FIFA World Cup 2014 (Brazil!).

Make sure to tune into the Morning Show from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM all week, every week! Tomorrow Lunkis, Scotty G, and Skandy, will be doing their very best to cheer up your morning! Tune in!


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