Wes Anderson Finally Receives the Credit He Deserves.

This week on The Indie Hour, Seb and I featured our favourite director/ screenwriter, Wes Anderson. While we could not play a full hour of him, or even a minute apparently, we did pull out all of our favourite songs from his soundtracks.

Here are all the songs and the wonderful movies they came from!

Bottle Rocket:
The Proclaimers- Over and Done With

Faces- Oh la la
Cat Stevens- Here Comes My Baby
The Who- A Quick One While He’s Away
The Creation- Making Time

The Royal Tenenbaums:
Nico- These Days
Elliott Smith- Needle in the Hay

The Life Aquatic:
David Bowie- Queen Bitch
Scott Walker- Thirty Century Man
The Zombies- The Way I Feel Inside

The Darjeeling Limited:
The Kinks- Strangers
Peter Sarstedt- Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)

Fantastic Mr. Fox:
Rolling Stones- Street Fighting Man

Moonrise Kingdom
Francoise Hardy- Le Temps De L’Amour

If we haven’t already convinced you to watch some Wes Anderson, this will.

Wes Anderson Compilation

Alien or Turtle?
Can't Stop the Signal/Can't Stop the Signal

Alien or Turtle?

Hello everyone, Lunkis and Skandy here with another CSTS blog!


Today’s show featured a few significant news stories, including the recently announced multiplayer mode for the latest God of War title – Ascension. In Ascension’s “Trial of the Gods“, you and a friend fight waves of relentless mythological beasts, all while surviving against Olympus’s hourglass. The most prestigious of fighters may even make it far enough for the finale – an epic boss encounter. If you were previously on the fence about the latest God of War, this may help influence your decision when the game is released on March 12th.

In other news this week sees the launch of the new Sim City, courtesy of Maxis studios. We’ll have an in depth review of the game on next week’s installment of Can’t Stop the Signal, though at this point the game has been recieving some pretty positive reviews from the critics. You may want to steer clear of the metacritic reviews right now though, the game is shipped with a pretty hefty always online DRM that has gamers up and arms. Essentially, it’s not possible to play the game without an always-online internet connection, and gamers had to wait upwards of 20 minutes on launch day just to connect to the EA servers to play singleplayer.


During our discussion in “Through the Looking Glass” we took a moment to talk about Michael Bay’s reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, due for release some time in 2014. Rumours speculate that the film will feature our favourite shelled ninjas not as turtles, but apparently as some sort of alien lifeform. Though details are hazy there have been talks of casting Hollywood star Megan Fox as the camera toting April O’Neil. Here at the studio we’re hoping that it’s not the case, although with Michael Bay directing I’m sure we can expect a film to talk about.


At the end of this episode of Can’t Stop The Signal I (Skandy) reviewed the recently released franchise reboot of Tomb Raider. Dropping the “Lara Croft” in the title wasn’t the only difference between this new release and it’s predecessors. The game features a more “fragile”  adaptation of the female protagonist, and presents a origin story for the video game icon. In Skandy’s personal opinion, despite various minor flaws in the game such as stereotypical supporting characters and gameplay bugs, the game holds it’s own. Following in the footsteps of various blockbuster shipwreck games, such as The Uncharted series and Farcry 3, Tomb Raider’s  journey of survival and “archeology” mixed with the prestine and extremely emotional voice acting for the gaming icon is a definitive should buy. If you want an action packed emotional rollercoaster and to experience a new, and totally badass without any eroticization, then check out Tomb Raider. Skandy score: 8 out of 10


Anyways, that’s all from us!
Be sure to check out your drink of the day!

Keep on Gaming in the free world and remember – hackers never win!

– Lunkis and Skandy

An Apology
Shows/Laurier Loud

An Apology

Alex is Totally super sorry.

This blog is a bit different from my usual as today I am not focusing on an artist, so much as I am an apology.

I would like to apologize for my recent lack of blogging in addition to me not having a piping hot and spanking fresh show for you all this week. As a student first, and volunteer radio dude second, there are occasions, such as this week, where school gets the better of me, and prevents me from having a blast on a Tuesday night.

So again, apologies. I should be back on form by next week.

9 Days Until 24 Hour Broadcast!
Shows/The Morning Show

9 Days Until 24 Hour Broadcast!

Hello folks,

Missed the show earlier today? Fret not! I’ll fill you in on a few of the things you missed!

Smiley, Oracle, and myself started things off at 9:00 chatting weather and Laurier events. Based on what the Weather Network is telling us, it looks as if we can expect a big of a chillier St. Patrick’s day this year (somewhere around -5). But this is of course fairly early so lets keep our fingers crossed until then!

For our ‘How To’, we decided to chat about ‘how to start your own small zoo’. Turns out it might be more economically viable to just visit your local zoo instead… Concerning ‘Laurier Problems’, looks like the Laurier Twitterverse is not pleased with MyLearningSpace. If you’ve been absent from MyLaurier recently, you’ll have missed the handful of issues going on between actually getting on the site and of course submitting assignments and posts. Once TBA made his way to the studio, we chatted soccer discussing Champions League and FIFA World Cup 2014 (Brazil!).

Make sure to tune into the Morning Show from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM all week, every week! Tomorrow Lunkis, Scotty G, and Skandy, will be doing their very best to cheer up your morning! Tune in!


Where I’d Rather Be

Not pictured: actual Radio Laurier booth


Where I’d Rather Be

What’s up everyone! Back on the blogosphere after a brief hiatus from schoolwork, Reading Week, and more schoolwork. Last week was hectic for me, coming back from the Punta Cana grad trip and being hit with 2 cases, a presentation, and another report and presentation for the Laurier Entrepreneurship Contest I entered a couple months ago. In case anyone’s wondering, me and my buddy made it to the top 5! Not bad at all for a random idea thought up one night (humblebrag). Congrats to the other contestants from Edgar Bruce Eyewear, The Smile Epidemic, Afr-I-Can Jewelry & Accessories, and MyCareerCity and good luck growing your businesses further!

Last night I had my first real opportunity to get back to doing what I love and sharing some of my favourite music with you. I started off with a song that makes me laugh every time I listen to it, as J. Cole, Wale, and Curren$y profess their love for the ladies, or should I say, a specific female anatomy. J. Cole steals the show in my opinion, listen to it here and try to guess what they’re talking about.

I got into some new music coming out from some of my favourite young guys in the business today. In the past couple weeks new music has dropped from the likes of The King’s Dead, Shelton Harris, Logic, and the Pro Era crew. All of these guys are making a name for themselves, especially the Pro Era guys that seem to be gaining fans by the second now. The first time Joey Bada$$ showed up on my radar was back a year ago on Mac Miller’s ‘Macadelic’ mixtape on a song called “America”, and even though I liked his flow on that song I refused to look into him further until September based solely on his name. Well, they say don’t judge a book by its cover, and the same goes for not judging a rapper by his ridiculously dumb sounding name. (In some cases. I still refuse to listen to anyone with Lil in their name. What is this, 2003?). Whatever his name may be, the fact remains Joey Bada$$ and his crew can spit, and crew members Capital STEEZ (R.I.P.), Rokamouth, and Dirty Sanchez (really? REALLY??? that’s what he settled on?) tear up a sample from R&B singer Maxwell on their newest song. Also, here’s a list of 120 of the worst rapper names that must have been hilariously fun for Complex to put together. For example, one guy’s name is ‘Trademark Da Skydiver”, which I can’t even come up with something to diss it about right now. I just don’t know.

I also managed to find something new from Blu, who has been one of my favourite MC’s for a while now. When I heard Blu & Exile’s ‘Below The Heavens’ mixtape back in grade 12 it instantly became one of my favourite projects of all time. Now, he’s worked together with legendary Los Angeles producer Madlib and another L.A. emcee named MED on a 9 song EP called ‘The Burgundy EP’ and it shows he’s still got it on the mic. I even found out a few days ago that him and Exile came out with another mixtape in late 2012 called ‘Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them’ which I absolutely love as a title and it’s got some great music on it too. Look out for a song or two off the mixtape in coming shows, and here’s the download link if you want to grab the whole mixtape for yourself, and I highly recommend that you do.

Finally, I paid my respects again to J. Dilla on the show, as he has quickly cemented himself as my favourite producer ever. For some reason I never had much of his music on my computer, even though my favourite artists have always been guys who are affiliated with him in Common, The Roots, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, and A Tribe Called Quest to name a few. His biggest work was done with his own crew Slum Village, who still carry on the Dilla legacy years after he has passed away. They have had a revolving door of artists since Elzhi first replaced Dilla back around 2002, and they are still putting out new music in 2013 with a group consisting of original member T3, Young RJ, and Dilla’s younger brother Illa J. I’m a big fan of every era of Slum Village but I have to say lyrically I like them best when Elzhi was in the group because he can spit for real.

That’s all from me this week, you can check out the full playlist on my Facebook page. Eventually I’ll figure out how to upload a download link for the shows that I record each week so you can listen to them later if you don’t get a chance on Monday nights. Also, listen in next Friday the 15th at 11-12pm where I’ll be joining The Rap Up for the long anticipated meeting of the opposite spectrums of the hip hop universe. It will be a show worth listening to for suuuuure and I’ll finally get to judge a Verse of the Week I hope! If anyone can figure out what the theme for the verse should be hit me up on twitter at @t_rev91 so we can make it a great show!

– Swaggy T Da Busrider

Fashion ‘n’ Motion!
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Fashion ‘n’ Motion!

Hey folks,

A little bit of a late blog post for today’s show, so my apologies! Today was a pretty packed day for us as we had ‘The Show’, a team from Laurier competing in the Nestea ‘The Recruit’ competition on the show. Cheyanne, Madison, and our very own DJ CP, spoke to us a little about how the competition has shaped up thus far and what we can expect from the trio as the week moves forward. Look out for ‘The Show’ on campus this week as they’ll be giving away free Nestea! As they reminded listeners, if you’d like to show your support, hash-tag #SOSDWLU240 in your posts to Instagram!

In addition to ‘The Show’, we were joined by Fashion ‘n’ Motion president, Noelle Antkowiak! It’s a big year for FnM as they celebrate their 20th anniversary with a fantastic new show called ‘Ignite’. Filling us in on what we can expect from the show and how she is keeping busy until opening night, Noelle reminded listeners that all proceeds are going to the SickKids Foundation. Make sure to join Noelle and the rest of the hardworking volunteers at FnM on opening night on March 15th at 7:00 PM (6:30 doors). If you can’t make this date, do not fret! ‘Ignite’ will be performed the very next day during a matinee show starting at 1:00 PM (12:30 doors).

Make sure to tune into the Morning Show from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM all week, every week! Tomorrow Smiley, TBA, and myself, will be doing our very best to cheer up your morning! Tune in!