News From Two Views

News From Two Views

Since the 13ths of February I have been trying my best to give up chocolate for lent. Now I am a proud chocolate addict who needs her fix every now and then so giving up chocolate all together has been very difficult for me. I must admit that I have slipped up once or twice, accepting a hot chocolate and not realizing until I was done that I had just consumed chocolate..

This week in Entertainment I talk about a few of my favourite movies and shows that are out/coming out soon. I seriously think that everyone needs to make a trip to the movie theatre to see Jack the Giant Slayer. It is so worth it. I left the theatre so pumped up and ready to save the world and there is even a very inciting ending to the movie that makes you want to watch it over and over again. Also Game of Thrones returns at the end of May! Everyone should watch the new extended trailer for the show because it looks crazy good this coming season!

I bet everyone noticed the interesting theme of music this week. It was 80s inspired. I am obsessed with all popular culture from the 80s, specifically movies and music. This week we play a few of my favourite songs and next week we plan on continuing with the theme – playing 90s music instead. Hope you all tune in to listen!

As Lainie stated above it is time for a Lent update, I have yet to eat at the sand which place that is located on my route home from campus. I must say this isn’t easy considering they usually smoke there meat right outside but I am pulling through.
As for movies coming up I highly suggested seeing Oz. Personally I think that movie looks really cool as a prequel to Wizard of Oz. Also, 21 and Over seems like my type of comedy so I would probably want to go see that movie also.
I am really pumped up for next week music; I think the 90’s decade had the best music. Personally I am not really that into music but I find that a majority of my favorite songs come from that decade.
Finally Go Leafs Go….

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