Nothing Better Than A Mad Rapper...

Nothing Better Than A Mad Rapper...

Wudddduupp reals and ratchets?! Hopefully yall are keeping it super trill because you know we are. This week we had a whole smorgasbord of things to talk about since we didn’t have a show last week due to our extensive reading. BUT we came back strong this week with the newest hip-hop & rap music.

We kicked things off with some new music from trippy MC, Juicy J. He just dropped a new song with The Weeknd this past week and it really knocks. Once again, The Weeknd is the standout on this track but that’s to be expected. Lets just say Juicy isn’t gunna be up for Lyricist of the Year anytime soon. Check it out right here mannnnneeee.

If you didn’t know or if your girl didn’t tell you, NBA All-Star weekend was two weekends ago and boy was it ever entertaining. The game is a joke, the dunk contest is whack and the skills competition is lame. Hoops aside, the best part about All-Star weekend is the baller-rapper-ratchetness that goes down. Most hip-hop heavyweights made the trip to Houston for the weekend to do what they do best… WYLL OUT! This year, there was maybe a little too much wylin’ out for one rapper in particular. Lil Wayne, as per usual, made headlines with his strongly worded speech during his performance at one of the weekend’s many concerts. He showed his hate for the NBA and The Mimai Heat, stemming from his ejection from the American Airlines Arena a month ago. He also boldly stated that he had sexual relations  with Heat power forward Chris Bosh’s wife. Chris maaa duuude, I hate it had to him!!! Check out Weezy’s comments here. #NothingBetterThanAMadRapper

Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure was a little left field this week but still made errrybody tuurn up. I decided to go with Jim Jones’s Ludacris assissted track entitled ‘How To Be A Boss’. It’s off his fourth studio album ‘Pray 4 Reign’. It’s a fairly good banger and Luuuuda actually has some nice bars. It’s always good to hear Mr. DTP without that EDM sound. Long live that good ‘ol ATL stomp. Peep the track here.

Okay, time to get real. This week on The Realness we took a look at rap + fashion. Are rappers stylish? Do they commit fashion crimes or set the newest and dopest trends? Over here at The RapUp, we say that hip-hop = fashion. Hip-hop culture has always set the style in urban clothing. From velour suits to camo pants, hip-hop has always had the flyest artists throughout the ages. Just to prove our point, we ran through some of the best dressed rappers of all time: 10.Mos Def  9.A$AP Rocky  8.Eazy E  7.Run DMC  6.Kid Cudi  5.Andre 3000  4. Big Daddy Kane  3.Slick Rick  2. Pharrell  and can you guess #1 ? I will give yall a hint: it’s not Kim Kardashian…

Verse of the Week was extremely special this week. To celebrate the end of a successful party week  reading week, we decided to theme it ‘Best Party Verse’. This entails a verse that would make anyone (hip-hop head or not) party ’til the morning. In order to have it fairly judged, we asked out good friend Alannah to call this one. She is our RapUp affiliate in London and really knows how to get tuuurnt up. That being said, I went with A$AP Rocky’s verse on ‘Hands on the Wheel’. Kamo went with Drake’s verse on ‘Up All Night’. And Cutz went with Kanye’s verse on ‘Stronger’. If yall have been following VOW, then you know I really needed a win here. Did I get it? Nope. Alannah gave it to Kamo’s Drake verse. What else is new? Anyways, big up to Alannah for judging and yall can follow her on Twitter @BuchItImOnOne for some pretty trill tweets.

Sooooo that’s pretty much all from us this week. We got the Brantford Takeover next week soo make sure yall tune in for that. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter @RLRapUp and get at us for any requests, concerns or comments.




Peace, Love & Kanye’s Kilt

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