The Simple Things

The Simple Things

If you missed the show tonight, not to worry! Here’s everything you need to know and more.

Something I recognize so often is that people aren’t stopping to smell the roses anymore, no one appreciates the little things that are happening every day!

Something as simple as the fact that it’s not rainy on your dreary walk to school today; or the fact that your class was cancelled; or the man who gave up his seat on the bus for you. These little things are so important to recognize because they will make you so happy and will help you to appreciate life. I know it’s difficult when we get so caught up in bills to pay, essays to write, exams to study for, but I promise you – if you recognize the simple things in life, it will put a smile on your face.

I brought up a few simple pleasures in life that we should be recognizing. I found them on this blog, so check it out for a lot more!

I also talked about some barriers in exercising and how simply appreciating the little things you are doing daily to increase your fitness is important in keeping your efforts up. Here is a list of those barriers and how to overcome them!

Something else that is made easier by appreciating the simple things is keeping a healthy diet. Completely changing your diet is difficult and will not happen over night. Give yourself some credit – pat yourself on the back for the little hurdles you are jumping over every day. For a few ways to avoid unhealthy eating, check out WebMD

When it comes to relationships, who doesn’t love when your significant other recognizes those little quirks about you? When they know how you laugh, how you take your coffee, the way you sleep, or something so personal, it really makes you smile. That’s when you know someone loves you. Having someone who knows you that well is something you should be appreciating on a daily basis. Those little things in a relationship is what can take it a long way.

And, the biggest challenge to overcome to recognizing those little things is when it comes to school work. I know, it’s practically impossible to find something to be happy about in your studies, but I challenge you to find it. Stop to think about the simple fact that you are in such a great atmosphere, you are learning so much in and out of the classroom, and are going through some pretty great experiences. Try to adjust your mentality about school – enjoy the simple things in something you’re reading or writing about. Trust me, it’s there somewhere!

So this is your challenge this week – go out and enjoy the simple things in life. Don’t let them pass you by, they’ll put a smile on your face 🙂

I don’t think I could say it any better than this picture:

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