Hello Reading Week!

Hello Reading Week!

Happy Friday Golden Hawks!

Your ever reliable Skandy here, blogging today’s exploits on The Morning Show. Today there was a first on The Morning Show when DJ Kpop made her first ever appearance on the show. We chatted about reading week plans, farms, family and the recent meteorite catastrophe in Russia. Fortunately the rest of the show had lighter subject matter as CP and I talked about the importance packing properly and leaving room for improvisation on vacations. Lastly during Laurier Happenings we promoted the upcoming WLUSP and A-Team event: Laurier Idol. Voting on wlusu.ca will remain open until February 24th, the top 8 entries will be announce the following day, and the live finale in the concourse will take place on February 27th.

Thank you all for tuning in. The Morning Show will return after reading week on February 25th. Have a positively splendid vacation listeners.


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