Hey all! If you joined us this morning, you heard an interview with Jean-Claude Piedboeuf, acting Director General of Space Exploration at the Canadian Space Agency.

Over the course of our 20 minute interview, Jean-Claude spoke with us about the upcoming Commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield, and the exciting atmosphere that has been present within the Canadian Space Agency. Piedboeuf emphasized Hadfield’s image as an ideal Canadian role model; something exciting both for the CSA and Canadians nation-wide.

We also had the opportunity to speak briefly about why students should invest their interest in topics like space exploration and planetary science. As Piedboeuf described, current efforts in space are the accumulation of thousands of years of human exploration. From venturing across oceans, lakes, and land masses, we now found ourselves on the brink of a new frontier – deep space. That being said, there is plenty to be excited about as we push forward.

Lastly, we were curious to ask Piedboeuf about his thoughts on current efforts by private sector companies like Planetary Resources (known for their asteroid mining plans) and SpaceX (space transport company that develops rocket technology) to revolutionize our presence in space. In response, he spoke of the growing transition between the public to the private as these companies begin making serious headway in bringing humanity elsewhere in the solar system.

And what about Mars? When can we expect humanity to set food on the red planet? As Piedboeuf reminds listeners, whether it will happen in the next 15 years is uncertain, but certainly in our life time…

Make sure to check back here soon, as we’ll have the interview available for those who weren’t able to listen live!

Tune into the Morning Show tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM as Smiley, TBA, and myself do our very best to brighten up your morning! Until then, have a lovely Tuesday!


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