Started From The Bottom Now We're Here!

Started From The Bottom Now We're Here!

Hello friends,

This week was the first time in a long time that Kamo, Cutz and I have been in the studio together doin’ what we do best. This was a good week for hip-hop. Some new tunes dropped, some guns popped and some rumors stopped. (check the rhyme)

We kicked things off with Mr. OVO’s latest single. That’s right! Champagne Papi aka Drizzy aka wheelchair Jimmy aka Aubrey aka Drake dropped a new track off his upcoming third album. Its called ‘Started From the Bottom’ and boy, is it ever different. The song is produced by up and coming beatsmith Mike Zombie and has a really new sound. Drake doesn’t rap a whole loot but heavily repeats the chorus with a monotone flow. It is gunna be exciting to see what this new album sounds like. Yall can check out the track here.

We moved onto to some more “heavy” news. The boss himself, Rick Ross, was driving his Rolls Royce in Fort Lauderdale this past week and was shot at by unknown gunmen. The car crashed into a tree and the authorities were called. Luckily, no one was hurt. This isn’t Rick Ross’ life has been in jeopardy. He recently had to cancel the second leg of his MMG Tour due to death threats. Hip-hop OG, Uncle Luke, wrote an open letter to the big boss urging him to tone down his “gangster” persona. My favorite part is when he writes: “I don’t want you to fall into the trap of believing you are really a gangster.”  Check the full letter here. Hopefully Ross can squash his beefs and keep making those hits we all love. Plus, without Ross, Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure is practically donezo.

We also touched on this rumored Kanye album. A picture surfaced of an album tracklist and title which is supposedly going to be Yeezy’s upcoming project. It was called ‘Rich Black American” and had some features including Pusha T, Big Sean, Beyonce and Skrillex? Mr. West has yet to comment on it but fingers crossed we get it sooner than later. Yeezy yeezy how yaaaa doin’ huhhhh?!

GGP was a tough one this week. I was torn between a few classics but ended up going with the last king himself, Tyga. His song, with help from 2 Chainz, called ‘Do My Dance’ is a club killlaaaa. I heard it a few weeks ago at Phils and immediately fell in love. Check the ratchet video here.

Verse of the Week was heated this week. The theme was best independent rapper verse. Soooo this means that Kamo and Cutz had to pick the best verse from any rapper who isn’t signed to a major label. Of course Kamo picked Pro Era’s young gun, CJ Fly. His verse on ‘Overseas’ is definitely hot. Cutz picked cypher champ Dizzy Wright. His verse on ‘Cant Turst Em” could contend with hip-hop’s elite. I was FINALLY judging this week and couldn’t be happier. After much debating, I gave it to the homie Cutz and Dizzy Wright. Check out the official Verse of the Week and unsigned hype here.

We played some dope music from some local rappers too this week. Waterloo spitter, Kori Deek dropped a few tracks with us and we blasted ’em off. His song ‘Roads’ has been killing the local scene and his newest song ‘ImWrxng’ is definitely a banger. Download his stuff for free right here. We also played a new track from Kingston’s very own TheO. His song entitled ‘Be Here’ has a nice flow and even nicer lyrics. You can download his stuff for free here. #ListenLocal

We kicked the realness on something that has hip-hop in a craze. The Illuminati is something that has been a part of hip-hop culture for a long time. It started with Tupac and Biggie’s mysterious deaths and then escalated form there. If you aren’t familiar with what the Illuminati is, here is a crash course: The Illuminati is a group of people claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of something. In hip-hop, they supposedly the content, beefs, hits, deaths and successes. If you ask me… forget about it. There is no way there is some higher power controlling hip-hop. Just a bunch of nerds making up reasons as to why Obama and Jay-Z are friends. However, it would be cool to start your own Illuminati. We asked yall who you thought would be in the Illuminati if there were one. The obvious picks would be Jay, Ye, Beyonce and Kim K? Scratch that. Let us know on Twitter @RLRapUp who would be in your personal Illuminati. HiiiPoWer…

But, that’s it form us this week. Get at us next week when we take it down a notch and give yall some of that sensual flava. I mean after all, it is Valentines Day. Remember to follow us on Twitter (@RLRapUp) and hit us up for any requests!





Peace, Love & grinding for the first time.


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