Hello Radioland,

Boy did I have a good show for you yesterday folks! OnĀ As Big As Something Small I had my FIRST live on-air interview EVER and it could not have been more fun! Mackenzie from Jack McNairn (you may recognize the name from my top KW artists of 2012 list) joined me in the studio for a chat. I learned some pretty interesting things about the band but most importantly that Mackenzie prefers pirates over ninjas (I will never understand but I will have to deal). Make sure to check out the full interview below (NOTE: the first minute or so of the recording is bugged and there is unwanted music in the background).


Also on yesterday’s show, I featured 3 musicians who played Maxwell’s Music House last nightt: Amy Carson Hunter, Jesse Maranger, and Zachary Lucky. Luckily all the beautiful music went down before the snow hit!

Keep your eyes peeled for my blog about last nights show at Maxwell’s!

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As Big As Something Small


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