Who doesn't love Plants and Animals

Who doesn't love Plants and Animals

Good Morning Golden Hawks! Skandy here with the Thursday instalment of The Morning Show Blog. Today at 10:00 a.m. we had a splendid phone interview with Plants and Animals guitarist Nicolas Basque. He told us all about their most recent album, their writing process, and what to expect in the future regarding the band. Also during the interview’s Rapid Fire segment ScottyG, Lunkis and I were ecstatic when Nicolas replied with the quickest and most concise answers we have every received during an interview. Plants and Animals will be preforming tonight at Starlight.

Later in the show Skandy and Lunkis listed off four ideas for home made Valentines gifts you can make for next week. Lastly during the This Day in History segment Skandy learned that today in 1964 marked the start of ‘Beatlemania’.

Thank you all for tuning in and check out the final morning show of the week tomorrow from 9 a.m to Noon.


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