Top 10 High Pitched Men

Top 10 High Pitched Men


While last week we brought you some girls who held their own with the guys this week we thought it would be fun to bring you some guys, who sometimes sound like girls. These male vocalists take on the high notes and do so with ease and a unique style. We even stumbled upon some singers we’d never heard of who made names for themselves based on high pitch vocals alone. While they may be high pitched, they’re also high energy and high entertainment. Here are our picks.

1. Larry Henley (The Newbeats) – Bread and Butter

2. Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) – Love Is Only A Feeling

3. Prince – Why You Want To Treat Me

4. Mika – Grace Kelly

5. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) – Dire Maker

6. Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River

7. Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) – I Don’t Feel Like Dancing

8. Chris Martin (Coldplay) – Yellow

9. James Blunt  – You’re Beautiful

10. Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) – The Logical Song


In addition here’s one more honourable mention from our list, the always ridiculous and hilarious Tiny Tim, with his song Tiptoe Through The Tulips. Tune in next week to see what we have up our sleeves!


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