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Smash Not Included...

Wuddduuup yall?!

Due to our lovely Annual General Meeting, we were unable to broadcast live but thanks to Kamo’s Mac we did a little pre-recording to bring you the same quality radio we always do. (kinda)

We kicked things off with hip-hop at its purist. Over this past weekend, Kamo and I trekked down to T. Dot and watched some grimy battles. Battle rap league, King Of The Dot had their major event entitled ‘Blackout 3’. If you know anything about me, you know I’m the biggest battle rap nerd in the K/W, sooo this was my Catalina Wine Mixer. There was a total of 9 battles and each of them was craaaazy. Some standout battles were Charron vs. HFK, Pat Stay vs. Math Hoffa and of course the title match between Dizaster and Arcane. Plus, Drizzy Drake was in attendance as a co-host sooo you know its real.

But of course, it wouldn’t be a hip-hop event without some classic controversy. During the title match, Dizaster exposed Arcane for being the biggest rhyme biter in the league. Dizaster had somehow come across Facebook messages between Arcane and fellow rapper Caustic. The messages proved that Arcane had purchased bars from Caustic in order to beat Chedda Cheese in the semi-finals. Diz had the convos, the PayPal confirmation and a hundred photocopies that he thru into the crowd. Naturally, this would totally discredit anything Arcane would say or rap. But for some reason, the crowd booed Dizaster after every punchline and gave thunderous praise of Arcane. Arcane ended up winning and becoming the new King of the Dot. Dizaster vowed to never battle in Toronto again. Yall can check out the Facebook convo between Arcane and Caustic here.

Question: Whats worse than battle rap beef? Not sure? Here’s a hint: It rhymes with Chief Keef (kinda). If you guessed ‘R&Beef’ you would be correct. Over the weekend, soulful song-men Frank Ocean and Chris Brown had a little tilly over a parking spot outside LA recording studio, WestLake Studios. They have been dancing around each other for a while and things hit the fan when Mr. Brown demanded that Frank get out of his parking space. No charges yet but thankfully Chris decided to take on someone his own size. (Hi Rihanna) Another beef popped off as well this week. Swaggster Lil B picked an uphill battle with Brooklyn MC Joey Bada$$. I think we can all agree who will win this one. Check out Joey’s response here. #TellTheBasedGodDontQuitYourDayJob

Next we moved on these Rap-Grammy-Nominations. The usual suspects are up for the usual categories but the most interesting is who will take home ‘Best Rap Album’. The nominees are:

» Drake: Take Care
» Lupe Fiasco: Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1
» The Roots: Undun
» Nas: Life Is Good
» Rick Ross: God Forgives, I Don’t
» 2 Chainz: Based on a T.R.U. Story

Yall can forget about Rozay, 2 Chaaaainnzzz, The Roots and Lupe. This will come down to Drake and Nas. Personally I think Take Care was the better album as a whole but Nas, who is a pioneer in hip-hop, has yet to win a Grammy. I think that they will give it to Nasir just because he is long overdue. His album was also very well done and showed people that he’s still got that ill flow. For more information on all the nominees check out Febuary 6th issue of The Cord for yours truly’s full Grammy Rap Round Up.

We then had to address the 2013 XXL Freshmen Class. For everyone who doesn’t know what this is, its pretty cool. Every year, hip-hop culture magazine, XXL, makes a list of 10 up and coming rappers to look out for in the upcoming year. Last year’s list had some great predictions and hopefully this year’s has the same effect. We took it upon ourselves take make our own list from the 30 nominees. So here it is… The RapUp’s very first XXL freshmen prediction list: Trinidad Jame$, Ab-Soul, Action Bronson, Casey Veggies, Chief Keef, Hit-Boy, Joey Bada$$, Rapsody, Rockie Fresh and ScHoolboy Q. Think we’re wrong? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter. @RLRapUp

We had to kick The Realness on rappers with two X chromozones. For you folks who didn’t pass biology (me included), we are talking a out female rappers. Way too often female rhyme slingers get looked over and discredited because we assume they all sound like Nicki Nicki Nicki. BUT, if you dig past the starships and stupid heaux, you can find some really talented MCs. Rappers like Rapsody, Angel Haze, Iggy Azalea and Diamond are still holding it down for the real hip-hop heads. We gotta stop hatin’ and start appreciation’ these female rappers. Giiirl PoWer.

But that’s enough from me. Check us out next week at the same time and same place. If yall wanna hear some of your favorite hip-hop and rap music, holler at us on Twitter: @RLRapUp. You tweet in, we turn up!




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