WLUSU Election Interviews!

WLUSU Election Interviews!

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Many apologies for the late blog post! If you had the chance to tune into the Morning Show this morning, you were treated to a nice collection of interviews with both Board of Directors candidates and one Presidential candidate!

Presidential candidate Jennifer Taborowski was the first to join us at 9:45 AM this morning! Over the course of our 25 minute interview, Smiley, Oracle, myself, and Jennifer, had the opportunity to go over a number of topics ranging from Waterloo-Brantford relations, study space, and her thoughts on a Fall reading week. As the sole Brantford candidate in this years Presidential race, Jennifer not only had a fantastic understanding of the wants and needs of the students from the Brantford campus, but of students from the Waterloo campus as well.

Second in the studio was Director on the Board, Jordan Epstein! Jordan is one of four candidates running for re-election in this years WLUSU election as they hope to continue the work they accomplished this past year. One important note from Jordan’s platform was his hopes of making the minutes of any in-camera session public once the issue is no longer time-sensitive. From Jordan’s perspective, this would significantly increase the transparency of WLUSU, a concern that has been brought up several times during this election period.

Board of Directors candidate John Pehar was the third candidate to join us in the studio, outlining his hopes and aspirations as a Director hopeful. As a first year student, John showed an incredible level of drive as he emphasized his interest in hearing the concerns of the student population and doing all in his power to solve them.

Following our conversation with John, we phoned Laura Bassett, one of three Brantford candidates for Board of Directors. Laura was unfortunately unable to make it into the studio today, however we were luckily able to work something out over the phone. Much like Jennifer, Laura emphasized how her multi-campus approach could benefit the work she would do as a Director on the Board. Furthermore, she showed great interest in solving the ongoing issue concerning study space both in Brantford and in Waterloo. Like many other candidates emphasized, while creating study space is important, it’s equally important for students to know which spaces are available for them to use during high-stress periods.

Lastly, we had Board of Directors candidate Michael Kates into the studio for the final 10 minutes of the program. Michael had received high praise from acclaimed Senate candidate Luke Dotto among others, following the Waterloo Open Forum on Tuesday thanks in part to his knowledge on the Integrated Planning and Resource Management (IPRM). In the studio, he spoke of the importance of bridging the communication gap between the Brantford and Waterloo campuses, and the importance of study space within election discourse. As Michael was only in the studio for a short period of time, the Morning Show is hoping to have Michael on-air with us again soon to talk more about his experience as a Board of Directors candidate.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow and Friday for interviews with Chris Walker, Dani Saad, and a number of other Board of Directors candidates! And most importantly, do not forget to vote on February 4th and 5th!

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