Is Anything I'm Doing Brand New?

Is Anything I'm Doing Brand New?

What’s up y’all. This is my first official blog post for my show!! First off i’m gonna let you know I am going to kick the realness especially toward controversial aspects of the music & social world. So far i’ve had some dope shows and have had the honour of experiencing a high traffic of listeners. If you know me, you know I usually roll heavy when i’m in the loo and no i’m not talking weight, i’m talking guests! I’ve had some interesting personalities on the show so far all the way from the current El Presidente himself Micheal Onobalu, to the very opinionated Ron Bougram (Who does not respect female rappers Lol..). The show last week discussed the brand new A$AP Rocky’s new joint entitled ” Long Live A$AP”. My fellow Radio Laurier hosts were quick to agree that this joint was FIRE! A$AP diversified himself from “mixtape rappers” and showed the world he was capable of creating a banger. Being able to collaborate with the likes of skateboard P. , Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, Florence and Skrillex for you bassmunchers. The verdict is in the album is a 9 in my books.

Kicking The Realness…
If anybody has been following the music game in the last two days, you’d notice that Ricky Ross the boss of hot sauce was the target of a hit on his own Birthday. Franky Ocean and C-Breezy got into a fight over a potential parking spot at a popular WestLake recording studio. In other news, who the …. CARES!! Rick Ross is a great rapper, but once you begin to speak on the drug and gang game, it’s expected to be the target of bullets. And as for two of my favourite R&B artists fighting over a parking spot? I’m sure they have more in common with the women they’ve been with, so a parking spot should not be a major issue (Use protection Eskimo Bro’s). Also, big shout out to Justin Timberlake with that suit and tie joint with the big homie HOV! That track makes me want to grab a glass of wine spritzer, get in my best suit and take my beautiful girl out on the town foreal!

Juelz Santana, your last hope of getting back into the rap game was dropping a mixtape with Wayne, and you didn’t, so “oh boy” your career is done. As for ChiRAQ native Chief Keef going to jail and allegedly crying over 60 days, i’m happy because it will teach him that he can’t be a dumba** forever. With the expansion of Molly rap which I will discuss in my next post, , more phase rappers are dumbing down the game of hip hop. SO, shout out to the future (no the tony montana one), the future as in Kendrick, Drake, A$AP, Tyler, Wale etc…

I’m going to keep blogging every week, so stay tuned and TURN UP!. Every thursday i’m gonna talk about an embarrassing story that has to do with rap in my childhood as well!Lol.

One Love.

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