WLUSU Elections Open Forum!

WLUSU Elections Open Forum!

Hey all!

Today is a very special day regarding the WLUSU elections! From 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, the Open Forum is taking place in the Concourse wherein candidates for Board of Governors, Senate, Board of Directors, and President are ready to answer questions from the public!

From 9:00 AM through to 10:00 AM, DJ CP and DJ Scotty G. were in the Concourse as a prelude to the Open Forum where they had the chance to catch up with current WLUSU President, Michael Onabolu! As the Open Forum began, CP and Scotty threw it back to Lunkis and myself in the studio to chat about a number of things including but not limited to a new feud developing between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean, and the anniversary of the Challenger disaster (which occurred on January 28th of 1986, not January 29th)!

Just an important reminder to students to read the platforms for both the presidential and board of directors candidates! It’s extremely important that you not only vote, but use your voting power responsibly!

Here you can find a series of videos done by the Cord that allow you to hear the presidential candidates’ stances on many important issues including study space, mental health, and food services amongst others:


And of course make sure you tune in tomorrow through to Friday for interviews with both presidential and board of directors candidates! Use your vote wisely!

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