We need to talk about tonight...

We need to talk about tonight...

Tonight I am featuring only one band for the entirety of Laurier Loud. As one of my all time favourite bands, Turbonegro plays cheeky, shocking and loud music mixing influences of hardcore punk, glam rock and heavy metal.

Noted for their blend of humor, shock, political incorrectness and sexuality, Turbonegro does not take itself seriously. Perhaps this is best illustrated by their adoption of a “new” look in 1995. Tight jeans, moustaches, and a nautical theme in the vein of Tom of Finland became their go to look for some time, and fans of the band, the Turbojugend (Turboyouth) are often spotted wearing denim jackets at shows. Bassist Happy Tom stated that

“We feel that denim out-rocks leather at all levels. Leather is for empty, little people. Denim is for us big guys! And the kids love it!”

Yes they do Tom. Yes they do.
Yes they do Tom. Yes they do.

Their penchant for shocking audiences is apparent right off the bat however, I mean just look at their name. Turbonegro. In all seriousness, this is why this blog post exists. It is an attempt to cover my ass.

Whilst forming the band was debating between Turbonegro and Nazipenis as prospective names, and in the end they ended up choosing the more “consumer friendly” name. Despite this, Turbonegro has stated time and time again that they are not racist, using the name Turbonegro to challenge the problems of racism and nationalism prevalent in Scandinavia.

So what exactly is a Turbonegro? Well, according to Euroboy, the guitarist,

“It’s actually two Latin words, it means fast and black and we thought that was a cool name for a band. Because our music is very fast and very dark. And also, it’s a name for a color. In the car-industry, it’s the name for the paint, for the darkest paint. If you want to paint your car black, the most black color of all is Turbonegro.”

Happy Tom however, has a decidedly cheekier explanation.

“A Turbonegro is a large, well-equipped, armed black male in a fast car, out for vengeance. We are his prophets.” turbonegro07_website_image_pnfp_standard

So there you have it. Turbonegro. Not racist, just prophets of speed, power and rock. And with all that denim, how could you say no?

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