Brantford Is In The Building!

Brantford Is In The Building!

Wudddupppp yall?!

This week we had our very first 2013 Brantford Takeover with the big homie DJ Dub aka Matt Wright. Matt is our RapUp DJ from Laurier Brantford and once a month he comes thru and gives us a little taste of that #BrantfordSound. He usually brings a few friends with him and this week he brought on his main man Ron who had A LOT to say.

We started things off with an official RapUp review of ¬†Harlem’s rising star, A$AP Rocky’s debut album. He record is titled LONG.LIVE.A$AP and dropped January 15th. Despite a month-out leak and some early criticism, we over here at The RapUp gave the record a solid 9/10. With standout tracks like LVL, Goldie, Fuckin Problems and 1Train, Rocky delivered a very cohesive and “trill” sounding project. We’ve been playing tons of Rocky over our short RapUp history and ¬†with tracks like this, we will continue to support dat pmf. Yall can check out some of the stronger tracks here, here and here.

We moved onto to talk about some more concerning stuff in hip-hop these days. If yall dont already know, DJ Dub always keeps it real. Like… realer than real. So we had some listeners ask him some pressing questions and without trouble or doubt, Dub kicked that realness. One that really sparked debate was this whole ‘molly’ situation. Woop! Molly aka MDMA is a drug that has commonly been used on the EDM scene but nowwith songs like ‘Pop That’ and ‘All Gold Everything’, miss molly has found her way into hip-hop culture. it seems like everywhere you turn in rap music, molly is being shouted out, dropped and copped. Dub had to keep it all the way real and draw the line. We concluded that MDMA in hip-hop is just a phase but shouldn’t be messed with. Less buzz, more bars! Let us know what yall think about this whole molly thing and join the convo on Twitter @RLRapUp

We finished things off with some #TBT. For all you non-instagram users, that means ThrowBack Thursday. Dub gave us a little history lesson and took us back to the elementary school days where du-rags and chains were acceptable (kind of). We all had that one rapper we wanted to be like and we all decided that our idol-icon-Iwannabeyou rapper was none other than 50Cent. Fif’ dominated the early 2000s and his album Get Rich or Die Trying made us all wanna be P.I.M.Ps. We had to throw on some old school G-Unit flava and end the show off with these two gems. Check ’em out here and here. #WouldYouLoveMeOnTheBus ?

But thats all from us this week. We always love having Brantford in the building and you can catch DJ Dub and friends next month to chop it up once again.

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Peace, Love & Free Sosa

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