Will You Be Canada's Next Top Ad Exec?

Will You Be Canada's Next Top Ad Exec?

Good Afternoon Listeners! Skandy here on this fantastic (but frigid) Thursday. We had the entire Thursday Morning Show crew in the studio today and it was awesome to have Scotty back with us. There was an early #LaurierSolutions today to which we answered some of the Laurier Problems posted on twitter. Our How To segment revolved around 15 Things You Can Get For Free (courtesy of www.ehow.com) Later in the show Lunkis provided a very relatable What Grinds My Gears regarding unnecessary “Teachers Pets” in lectures. Finally the show was concluded with myself interviewing Husnia Ludin (Chief Event and PR Officer) of Canada’s Next top Ad Executive 2013 competition. If you missed the interview or would like to learn more about the competition check out their website: www.topadexec.com

The sign up for the competition is still open and will remain as such until Monday January 28th, 2013 at 11:59 pm

Thank you all for tuning in and I’ll catch you tomorrow from 9 – Noon


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