The Games that Touch our Hearts

The Games that Touch our Hearts

Hello everyone! Lunkis here!

Today on Can’t Stop the Signal, our main topic of discussion for our Battle Royale segment was that of games that have the ability to create an emotional moment for the player. My personal selection was The Darkness, for it’s memorable relationship between protagonist Jackie Estacado and his girlfriend Jenny. Instead of setting up their relationship in a rushed manner, as most current games do, the Darkness has the player take a moment with Jenny to sit down and watch the film, To Kill a Mocking Bird. It’s an interesting way of developing a relationship between the player and a character.

In the realm of gaming news, there was a bit of a panic in the studio regarding recent news that South Park’s “The Stick of Truth” may be delayed or possibly cancelled seeing as studio THQ recently declared bankruptcy. Recent news shows THQ selling its assets to studios like Ubisoft and Sega due to financial restructuring. This could mean problems for the South Park game as South Park studio’s contract forbids the sale of the South Park license to any other studio without their direct permission. The future for this game is currently uncertain. This recent bankruptcy could effect a number of THQ games, including the highly anticipated real time strategy game, Company of Heroes 2.

In the world of film, I managed to catch one of the latest horror films to hit the screens, Mama. Though the film is brought down a little through Jessica Chastain’s depiction of the angsty rocker step mom character (especially after Zero Dark Thirty), the film still manages to bring a mix of thrills and some┬átruly┬áscary moments. Mama, the film’s namesake, acts as an overprotective and terrifying spirit that jealously guards over the two young adopted children of Annabel (Jessica Chastain) and Jeffrey (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). I would definitely recommend this film if you’re looking for something to hold your attention after the big blockbusters that we’ve seen already this year.

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I leave you with this little TF2 / Queen crossover!

– Lunkis

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