The Cold Is Getting Old...

The Cold Is Getting Old...

Hello friends,

Myself (ScottyG), Lunks, CP and Rooftop are freezing, how about yall? Getting up early in the cold is perhaps the worst thing since, well… its probably the worst thing ever. But we managed to strap on some warm gear and come in and give yall another rendition of The Morning Show.

We kicked things off with the weather and some campus happenings. We then slid onto some entertainment news. Nothing too crazy is happening in tinseltown but my future-wife (sorry Jay-Z) Beyonce sang the national anthem at Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony yesterday. Check out the the video right here.   She obviously looked great… and she sounded good too.

We dropped a useful HOW TO on yall today and it was coooool. We gave yall a step by step formula on ‘How To Fit In With The Cool Kids’. A lot of it referenced cool haircuts as essential… soo I guess that writes me off. Check out the entire article here.

Our feature song was on the tip of my tongue all morning but we eventually figured out. It ended up being the new track from indie rock band Imagine Dragon. the song is called Radioactive and usually isnt my cup of tea, but its super catchy and the video sticks out like a soar thumb. Check out what I’m talking about right here. #BanStuffedAnimalFights

But that’s all from us today, catch us tomorrow at the same time, same place and unfortunately same temperature. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to check us out on Twitter —–> @RLMorningShow



Peace, Love & Lunkis’ jacket

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