WWMTD (What Would Mark Twain Do)

WWMTD (What Would Mark Twain Do)

Happy #moanday (or more commonly known as monday) everyone! It was a rather inspirational day here on The Morning Show today with Oracle and Skandy. Skandy explained that you never know who and how much you will inspire in your day to day live by recalling an touching tale from his past. During the How To segment Oracle provided an awesome list of how to conduct your life according to timeless novelist Mark Twain. There were also interesting discussions as to the awesomeness and importance of Dr. Sues and Disney films in relation to childhood glee. Finally to cap off the show (and coincidently this blog) Skandy teased some of the upcoming events WLUSP will be participating in:

Hearts4Health’s People Auction on Febuary 6th


The Bottle Drive on January 27th

Stay tuned to Radio Laurier for more information about these and more upcoming events within the coming weeks.


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