Turbonegro "Sexual Harassment" Review

Turbonegro "Sexual Harassment" Review

                Oh yes. They are back and as brash and in your face as ever. It has been 5 years since the release of Retox, and for Turbonegro fans the departure of long time frontman and vocalist Hank Von Helvete may have caused some panic. Hank was the face and the voice of the band, helping to give Turbonegro the distinctive sound and style that created a legion of fans.

Tony Sylvester is the new face in the band, taking over Hank’s duties, and far from being a carbon copy, Mr. Sylvester (can I call you Tony?) brings his own vocal style to the band. And it works, frighteningly well. Tony is far gruffer than Hank and his deeper voice adds a more aggressive feel to Sexual Harassment. The raw energy and cheeky, offensive and hedonistic nature of the album harkens back to Turbonegro’s Ass Cobra (2003) and Apocalypse Dudes (1999).   

Despite the more “adult” lyrical content, the album shares much of the anthemic feel of later Turbonegro albums such as Party Animals (2005). Make no mistake though, this is still punk, and punk in the way that only Turbonegro can make it. Long time fans will not be disappointed with this album, and the fresh face of Mr. Sylvester makes this a perfect entry point for new fans to get embroiled in the world of sailors, denim, sex, drugs, drinking, and self-indulgence.

To this day, no one does it quite like Turbonegro and they are in fine form here.cf5c066c 

Rating: 4/5 Denim Jackets

Alex’s Top 3 Tracks

TNA (The Nihilistic Army) – The perfect showcase of Mr. Sylvester’s pipes

Shake Your Shit Machine – Anthemic party rock, sent up in classic Turbonegro style

I Got A Knife – The lead off track helps to set the tone of the album early

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